Getting Healthy Fools!

Steve and I just got back from the nutritionist, holistic, which is really cool.  We are on the right track with our eating habits and trying to heal this family.  Steve was recently diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and it is definitely taking a toll on my man.

L is lactose intolerant, I’m on the blood type diet for fertility reasons and H has an abundance of allergies although not food related but still a clean diet will work wonders on all our systems.

One of my NYR was to start eating cleaner and although we are doing a decent job, it is not great (beer and sweets are just too tempting) and I want to do a great job.   With Steve’s diagnosis this has really made me step up the pace.

In talking with Lynn, from the Country Tart, I feel energized in all the guidance and recipes, tips and advice she has given me.  I love the crock pot because I am not a good cook and she has given me some tools to help make some wonderful crockpot dishes.

We talked about wonderful alternatives to create an anti-inflammatory diet such as Quinoa, hemp, different beans, vegetables as pasta, supplements, fishes, home-made granola bars and more.

I’m so excited to get started.  This lifestyle change is no longer just about getting healthier but about saving my hubby from a painful body.

We’ve joined a CSA program at Greenbranch Organic Farm which also hosts non-homogenized dairy products, and free range animal products.  Daily, we’ve already been proactive on a diet that includes fruit shakes with flaxseed, green tea, seafood, vegetables and vitamins.   Steve also takes pure bee pollen for hydration mainly and I take xiao yao pian as a liver cleanse.

Today’s dinner goal is to try either a rice pasta or Quinoa with broccoli, onion and tomatoes from the garden and cook dried black beans in the crock pot.  I also want to try some of Lynn’s yummy sounding granola recipes.

New rules: NO cans and NO processed.

I’ve got a long road ahead of me but the results are going to be miraculous!  Between Lynn and Mathew, my acupuncturist, I’m going to be pregnant this year, Steve’s going to be back to doing big fun projects, L won’t wake up with tummy aches and H can just keep on being her happy little self.

Any tips you can share would be much appreciated!

In the meantime visit Lynn’s site for some great nutritional benefits and be sure to follow her on facebook!

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    • Wow they sound awesome! You always have lots of yummy treats. I made little frozen yogurt “patties” and my girls eat them like their candy. They think it’s ice cream!

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