Happy Valentine’s Day

What a great day so far.  It started last night with a solid, strong sleep!  No little visitors and only one dog in bed. Ahhh it’s AMAZING what an undisturbed night will do for the body and mind.

I woke up to the sweet sounds of the girls in awe at the hearts I placed on the stairs leading to the breakfast table.

IMG_20130214_081448 IMG_20130214_081509 IMG_20130213_230646And on their seats were little paper buckets with a little candy treat and toy inside; nothing expensive.  I remember every Valentines Day waking up to a little box of candy from my parents and I loved it!

IMG_20130214_082020 IMG_20130214_082039 IMG_20130214_082101

HA!  That cow and pig are so cute!  They are super loud and oink/moo when you push them down while simultaneously pooping out candy!  H was more than thrilled with her SpiderMan and L has been turning us into princes and princesses all day with her magic wand.

I gave Steve a jar of jelly beans, boy loves his candy and I got a home-made card that I can’t display….it made me laugh though that is for sure!

Hope everyone had a great day.

OH and if you didn’t get a Valentines Day card from us it’s because in my harried state of mind I thought it was a good idea to let H help me cut them to fit the envelopes!


And lastly Happy Birthday to, if not my favorite, definitely one of my favorite people in the world, DORIE!!!  We are sending you extra love today and we hope you are spoiled!!! See you soon!



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