Here’s My Compassion

I made a commitment to be a part of a wonderful movement called 1000 Voices for Compassion. On February 20th we were to all write a piece on compassion to show our strength in numbers and to help the world be a kinder place.

My intentions were good. They were there. RIGHT. ON.THIS.PAGE. But it stayed empty as with other commitments.

I promised to help my friend make pillow dresses to benefit a poor community and suddenly ran out of time. I’m not sure when I will learn that I just have too much on my plate and a no would be more beneficial than a broken promise.

When Lizzi asked me to join this quest I was thrilled. I thought of a million ways the people and I could be compassionate. Let’s be kinder to our animals, our earth, the strangers, the ones we don’t understand, our significant others, our students, our bullies and the list goes on.

However, I only want to spend my strength on my kids today and every day until I am more compassionate to them. They are the ones most important, they are the ones who will benefit the most; they are the ones who need a model to emulate and pay it forward.

My daughter, H is so different than me in many ways. She loves everything “boy” related. The books she wishes me to read to her are things like Power Rangers and Team Ninja Turtles. I find them extremely boring and try to sway her to other books.

This needs to stop. This is my chance to teach her to love to read. This is my chance to show her how to fall into a world of words. If I force my interests on her just so I’m not bored for the ten teeny, tiny moments it takes to read then that strips her of her passions. That just makes me a jerk.

My other daughter, L wants a dozen hugs and kisses each night and all I hear are the babies down stairs crying and the mound of work on my desk taunting me, letting me know it will never get done.

I don’t see her sweetness begging for the attention she used to get before the babies got here and the plate got piled so high I often can’t see over.

I vow to stop treating my children as a job, as a to-do list to check off. I vow to show them love and compassion that will mold them into the women they want and need to be. I vow to teach them compassion by being compassionate towards them, their sisters and especially their father.

I hope that everyone is more like Lizzi and the wonderful writers in this group who actually find the time to be compassionate.

Thank you for reading and supporting. Now what are you going to be more compassionate about?

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18 thoughts on “Here’s My Compassion

  1. You made such good decisions for your children. I like how you say we do not have to live life, take care of the children as if we are striking things off a check-list. We all unfortunately fall prey to that. Every once in a while posts like these give that gentle nudge to live life more compassionately. Great stuff !

  2. It’s so hard to be IN THE MOMENT with our kids when there is so much on our plates. It’s so hard to leave them to their interests when we don’t like them (my 10yo loves the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. I’ve introduced him to sports writers and he’s upped his range of books. You’re on the right track, letting her read what she loves. It won’t be Ninja Turtles forever!) Bravo, Mama.

    • It is difficult. thank you for the support! She did go from baseball (which is like watching paint dry when they play at this age) to basketball so that’s good 🙂

  3. taking care of your children the way you are , understanding what they need, each of them..What can be more compassionate than that? 🙂 I’m try to bring compassion in every small thing I do..Nothing big, nothing to hard, just to be more emphatic and understanding I guess is what I want to be…let’s see how far I can succeed..

  4. The others have said it already, but I’ll say it too – you are showing compassion when you chose to be with your children. They DO matter most right now, you made the right choice. There were 1000 of us writing on the day, and although every voice matters, your children were the ones that needed to hear your voice!
    Thank you for joining in when you could!

  5. Never mind writing to hit a particular date, Kerry, you are LIVING IT and you are doing brilliantly. Proud of you for being so mindful about your choices. Your girls are secure in knowing you love them and they come first. That’s so important 🙂

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