How Could you Beat this Face?

You couldn’t?  Me either.  But someone did, to an inch of her life.  Well maybe not that bad but pretty bad.  She was found emaciated with a large gash between her eyes.  She was extremely fearful and wouldn’t come near humans.  At only 3 months old this little pitty didn’t stand a chance until some anonymous caller told the local Humane Society where to find her.

It just so happens that I was feeling the need to start looking for a pup to keep our Lola girl company.  I saw a cute dog and told my husband to go check her out.  While he was at the Humane Society an employee mentioned that the dog I was pining for showed signs of aggression and would he be interested in a white pup named Diamond.

Steve humored her, thinking all along we didn’t need another rescue with twin 1 year olds at home, but he met her and feel in love.

The girls and I took her home a day later.  She is now a big doofis we call Suga’.  Annoyingly hyper with a horrible licking habit and the need to sit on you, to snuggle on top of you, to have her face in your face at all times as if she is begging you never to leave her or forget her.

She is so stinkin’ loveable.  But she is a pit and for that she is already labeled. But for me she is our protector.  She guards the girls as if it is her sole purpose in life.  If they sneak out of the house she sneaks behind them. If a stranger approaches the yard she has the ferociousness you want in a guard dog.  I love this little half blind spaz.

the girls reading to their doggies

Suga' making herself at home on Lola at a few months old

just a snugglin’ at a year old

peek a boo! Where am I?


How evil, she totally looks ready to attack

Please spread the love for the pit bulls; they are truly wonderful animals and just need a chance.  We have had them for 15 years and will continue to save and love them.




7 thoughts on “How Could you Beat this Face?

  1. Haha! You are so right. Mine are driving me nuts. I wonder how I got here? I used to feel the way you do- and holy wow- to bring her home when you already had the twins?!?! Both of ours were pre kids. I don’t know if I could add another once we had our chaos.

    No matter how I feel about my crazy labs- I could never, ever EVER harm or hurt them. Makes me so sad that people are so cruel. Glad she found a forever home with you!

    • I have a loose screw but we couldn’t turn our back. Don’t get me wrong she has done some damage and still to this day (she is about 2 1/2) she gets into trouble. She loves to chew the girls toys and blankets! UGH and get into the trash. But it’s so funny because I laugh instead of yell at her. ha-ha!

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