How Different They Are

These two little hams could not be more different.  L is petite, neat, into all things pink and princess, sparkly shoes, loves fruit, veggies and  sweets, reading, organizing and testing the limits.  When we were out the other day she collected a beautiful bouquet of leaves that she collected off the ground…

While H on the other hand is tall and solid, always dirty no matter how clean I try to keep her, hair in her face, always smiling, snugly, into any and everything orange, is a hoarder, loves bread and cheese, and listens to Mommy.  This is what she collected as her gift to me…

They are so wonderful with their big blue eyes and I love watching their personalities continue to develop!

Tip O’ the Day: Don’t ever compare your twins, acknowledge their wonderful differences and embrace them.

4 thoughts on “How Different They Are

  1. Love this! Mine are so very different, but still so alike. One has given up her nap completely, the other still needs some rest. One is more domineering at home but shy in public, and the other is more submissive at home but comes out of her shell when we’re out. And even though they’re identical, one is skinny as a rail, and the other is solid as a brick!

  2. WOW I find that amazing because my girls are the same. L doens’t require lots of sleep bet willstill take a rest. She is bossy at home and when we go places but at school she is so shy while H takes the lead! Isn’t being the mom of twins the best!?

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