How Do Your Kids Sleep?

I originally posted this in November of 2012 and during these trying times with the big girls I like to go back and review how sweet they can be. If you have any sleepy photos please feel free to share in the comments.

This article in Huffington Post- Sleeping Kids cracked me up!  It was a slide show of a slew of children sleeping which made me think I should create my own picture show.

I’m sure I have much more entertaining ones but these will have to do for now.  Enjoy!

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53 thoughts on “How Do Your Kids Sleep?

  1. LOL! Oh you need to go check out the blog Naps Happen. Seriously. Good stuff.

    I am way too picky about how I sleep- but two of the boys can sleep anywhere. Which is good and bad as you well know!

    • Oh I definitely will. I so many more shots but i am that dork that doesn’t want to show the faces too much. These are pretty exposed though so I’m sure my husband will say something. 🙂 PARANOID

    • this kid can fall asleep anywhere! I’m not so sure she was out cold there as much as dozing off waiting for me. either way I had to pull her down, carry her to the couch and there she was definitely out. She is a funny one.

    • haha Thanks!! I have so many like this. I can’t sit still so during the day I was never good at sticking close to home for a regular nap time. poor little ones:)

  2. They fall asleep in their car seats on long car rides of course. Strict schedules since they were babes. They sleep at nap time and bed time. Which is great, we have had our crazy ass moments, but you know…

    • That is wild. I tried to keep a strict schedule but after a year i just couldn’t do it during the day anymore. I got too fidgety and we were on the go. Besides L stopped napping at 1 1/2 while H would sleep anywhere so I figured we were good to go. Bedtime and morning routines are pretty well, routine:)

  3. So funny! Love the carseat one! I have one like that of my oldest – she put a sticker over her nose, under sunglasses, and went to sleep in the car. Great pics!

  4. I love them! Weird sleeping pictures always crack me up. My oldest used to sleep in the strangest places – she’s gotten a little better now…just a little. I’ll have to see if I can find the sleeping post I did a while back.

  5. These were so great! I especially loved the ones with the sleeping dogs (I’m a dog lover). And the one on the car dashboard – priceless!! Visiting you from the humor blog hop!

  6. hahaha! Too funny! Reminds me of a picture of my little brother sleeping–he was wearing his toy army helmet, clutching a pistol in one hand and a tractor in another.

  7. Those were hilarious. It’s amazing how and where they will pass out. I did a photo album of just sleeping pictures for my sons first year. It’s got to be my favorite one. Don’t you just love them to pieces when they are sleep? On a rough traveling day leaving a cruise in Florida and taking more than one plane home to NC I was really done with him. He was CRANKY (age 3). He was walking around tired with his blanket and I knew he would pass out, it was just a matter of time. I found him inside of my closet. We actually had to go looking for him.

  8. Very cute – my kids move around in the bed like acrobats. It’s typical to have them both upside down or sideways throughout the night. And then there’s the occasional fall over the edge…

  9. OMG! I’m loving this pictures! My favorite has to be the nap on the dashboard! This was a fantastic idea for a post! Thank you so much for sharing it! And much appreciation for linking up!!!

  10. Hilarious! My kids don’t do crazy things like this. They’re bed and carseat sleepers. It’d be funnier if they’d fall asleep half-naked on the floor or on the dashboard of the car! Thanks for the laughs!

    • my sister’s kids are like yours…it’s only one of mine the other pretty much will fall asleep only at bedtime. The other one kills me with her sleepy head but it sure is funnY!

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  12. Omg.. Hilarious! Don’t you wish we could do that now as adults??? Can you imagine you’re in a meeting at work and you just put your head down on the table and take a snooze? Or crawl under your desk and pass out?? I would love it! – GREAT post. – Stopping by from Bloppy Bloggers. Happy Sunday!

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