How Do Your Kids Sleep – Part Deux

I posted the original post last year and so many of us laughed hysterically about it that I thought I whould create another.  The problem is I have so many photos of them in crazy sleeping positions that I think I have enough material for a part iii and iv.

Some of these crack me up because they are my kids and I can remember the exact moment each photo was taken.  For example the second photo of L falling asleep eating; Steve and I were taking food and putting it on her lips to tease her just to watch her knee-jerk reaction and then the slow decent back into a deep sleep.

I’m intrigued the most by the positions in which they are identical.  Those are so terribly cute.  You will also notice a reoccurring theme with Sugar, the evil pitbull ready to attack.

Either way enjoy every drool, double chin, and pass-out these tinies have endured for my entertainment!

2009-09-04 13.34.35
2009-08-22 13.16.59 2011-04-30 21.13.25 2011-04-30 22.53.44 2011-08-29 14.16.53 2010-02-24 09.03.19 2011-06-08 20.30.17 2011-09-04 01.06.53 2010-11-28 13.19.39 2010-04-14 23.42.00 2011-08-02 21.57.32 2011-08-01 18.24.52

This post is part of the ippp link up by the wonderful Greta and Sarah!  Thanks Ladies for hosting!

18 thoughts on “How Do Your Kids Sleep – Part Deux

  1. The toes touching is just too good and yes I laughed a lot at the one with the pit bull right in the middle. Good for you for taking so many of these. They certainly are fun to look back at, right!?

  2. WOW…just wow! Dino rarely falls asleep anywhere but his bed. he did fall asleep on the couch the other day, but that was RARE.

    I love how easily then can just plop and sleep. Some of those photos from last year are amazing…cars, laps, in the middle of the room. I wish Dino could do that.

  3. These are too cute. I love the one in the car – both of them in the same positions!!! I love to watch m kids sleep and have often wondered how they can sleep the way they do sometimes. 🙂

  4. Hahaha…I love these so much. My girls always slept in the weirdest places/positions when they were younger. It’s only been in the past three years probably that they started sleeping mostly in beds like normal people (and they’re 9 and 11). Thank you so much for sharing these – they’re awesome! I think the touching feet is my favorite.

    P.S. Have you submitted any of these to the Naps Happen website?

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