How I Stay on Top of my Chaos

I go crazy if I’m not prepared or if I’m running late; I’m usually rushing but not late, Steve doesn’t seem to get the difference.

To keep my mind settled I have lists, laminated, everywhere; on my diaper bag, in the kitchen, in the car. I have calendars and wet/dry boards with to-dos; one for chores to be done on certain days to keep me focused, one for appointments, one for the girls school and sports schedule.

People always make fun of me BUT they are usually the first who are running behind or asking to borrow something.

After school is always a terrible rush just as the morning but the evening is worse because the girls have been at school for 8 hours, well out of the house, and they just want to relax. But there is just too much to do.

First they get their homework done in the car if they didn’t do it on the bus. I enjoy working on their homework with them but as long as they are getting it done correctly and aren’t copying each other I’m fine.

Once we get home they know they have their 6 things to do. They are:

  1. Hang up coat
  2. Put shoes in closet
  3. Hang backpack on their chair
  4. Put their school folder on table in front of their chair
  5. Put lunch box and snack pack on the counter
  6. Wash hands

This is their routine and it only takes them a few minutes to do but saves me a ton of time.

Below is a picture of their table. This is where projects and homework gets done, where clothes are laid out and other things that need to be done or brought to school and of course the ever loving library basket.

Kids Homework Table

And the evening routine with the girls before they go to bed:

  1. Play play play after homework
  2. NO TV or tablets during school week. Not that I’m an ogre but it distracts them and it over stimulates them. Since we only have a few hours between school and bedtime I really want this to be a fun time for them. They might build a fort, go outside, wrestle with Steve, or just run crazy but either way they really need to release all their energy.
  3. No chores during the week. Not that they have many anyway but they spend so much time at school behaving and doing, that we decided their chores will only be on weekends and summer. The only exception is Tuesday nights they do help gather all the trash for pick up the next day.
  4. Shower. This flip flops with hair washing and not. Some days it’s just a rinse down but a quick shower is usually needed after such long days.
  5. Hair braided
  6. Dinner of course then small snack
  7. Story time unless they are playing nicely and don’t want to be bothered
  8. Outfits picked out
  9. Bed by 7:30 which is difficult during sports seasons but for the most part this is our routine

In the evening the following gets done before I go to bed:

  1. Coffee made
  2. Lunches and snacks made
    1. I have a list taped in my cabinet of foods to give them in case my brain is fried and running out of ideas or if Steve is packing, not that he needs it but it is a good reminder list.
    2. I also keep a “school lunch bag” filled with their food that is strictly for school. It hangs in the laundry room and we just grab it and fill the lunches. This way they get unique foods they don’t get normally, super easy to pack from and I know exactly what I’m running out of.
  3. Folders are gone through- read any papers, gather anything needed, look over homework, write in reading log, and pack it back up and in their backpack
  4. Outfits picked out down to the shoes and coat
  5. Diaper bag ready to go
  6. Any sports gear packed and put in the car
    1. All sports stuff has a place and the girls know where it is. It makes life so much easier when I can just grab their bag instead of hunting for it. Lacrosse is the only issue because they love playing so I often have to search for their sticks but goggles, mouth guard and jerseys are always hanging by garage door.

And now their lunch, any help in this department would be helpful. I hate using water bottles but these are a new size I found that fit perfectly in their lunch boxes and hold enough water that they don’t run out.

We have tried a dozen different reusable one but they are either too big, too small or leak so any tips here would be wonderful.

There was a time I was much more creative with their lunches and baked so many healthy treats but time is not on my side these days. Lisa from “What Lisa Cooks” is a huge inspiration but I’m stilling finding my days too rushed.

School Lunches

The morning is a rush but I try to stay positive. I haven’t figured out if it is easier with Steve there or not; the verdict is still out.

I wake up and jump in the shower if necessary otherwise just throw on clothes and head downstairs.  I start the coffee and start breakfast; oatmeal, bagel, or waffles with yogurt.

While that is cooking I start the wake up process.  H is usually awake and dressed by now but L always has to be dragged and usually carried downstairs, plopped in front of her food and wrapped in a blanket.  Diva.

If the babies aren’t awake yet this is a prime time to chat with the girls while getting them ready and set the first timer. I hate to do this but the timer trick works.

I’ll set the timer multiple times in the morning. The first might be a warning that breakfast should be close to finished. The second might be dressed down to the shoes and headed for the bathroom to brush teeth.

It all varies. Some days I don’t need to use the timer, and some mornings I just yell.

I panic in the mornings because I don’t want them to forget anything nor do I want to be late because then I have to walk them in and it’s a hassle with the babies especially if it’s cold and rainy!

As with everyone some days are flawless and some days nothing goes right. It is certainly more stressful when a baby is teething, a kid is sick, my work is overflowing or Steve is working extra hours.

Our little habits make a huge difference and my goal is to avoid MAD rushing and yelling. I’m constantly trying to find a better way so if you have one PLEASE SHARE!

And hopefully something here might help you in return.




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