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I love GFUNKIFIED!  My girl Greta runs the ippp linky link weekly which I try to be a part of but these dog gone babies keep getting in the way.  Greta has four adorable, and I mean adorable, little ones and is an amazing mother.  I love reading about her crazy life raising them (and her gluten free section).  On top of everything she already has going on she runs mini-marathons and 5k’s like it’s going out of business.  She challenges herself daily to stay strong and fit and is my total inspiration for getting back in shape.

I am honored that I was one of the bloggers she chose to participate in “How I Write.”

  1.  What am I working on?  I’m working on a few pieces simultaneously; two articles for the wonderful Twiniversity and my 365 project that is part of one of my favorite bloggers, Kim at Little by Little, 2014 challenge.
  2. How does my writing differ from others of its genre? HA!  Lack of proper grammar.  It’s not my strong suit but it’s just a blog and if I ever go pro I’ll have an editor.  But actually I have to agree with Greta; we all write about our children and how our lives revolve around them.  My story is unique in that I have two sets of twins so there is that.
  3. Why do I write what I do? I write because it’s fun.  It really truly is.  I love when others relate and share their stories.  It is healing especially talking about the hurdles we faced to have our children, the number of surgeries I’ve had, the health issues we deal with and trying to do it all on one (and 1/8) income.  If nothing else this will be the best baby book my kids could ever imagine. My blog has led to many great relationships and freelance jobs that keep this restless mind happy.
  4. How does my writing process work? It goes a little something like this:  The girls do something annoying, cute, dangerous, or witty and so on that triggers a story and I jot it down.  I don’t sit and agonize over it.  If I have nothing to write then I take a picture and post it.  Other than that my blog is truly a look inside our world.  I don’t lie, exaggerate or sugar coat anything.   I am very imaginative so many times I will literally space out and be brought back to reality with someone yelling my name.  At that moment a world of ideas had entered my mind and I race to get them on paper.  Steve is constantly putting apps on my phone so I can use it at any time to store ideas but I’m hooked on paper.

So now you’ve read the way my lovely mind works.  Now I pass the question torch over to my buddies, Chris and Lizzi.

Chris runs The Mom Café which I find meaning in all the time.  She is a hysterical and deep religious little mom of two.  I always find encouragement and strength from her writings.  While these days I don’t read other blogs as often as I like whenever I pop over to her site her posts always strike a chord with me; always.  Her posts are little reminders that God is good and so is life; find the happy.

Lizzi is the master mind behind Considerings.  She is a spunky, word loving Brit who cracks me up daily and supports me beyond belief.  She has amazing energy, like Chris, and the two of them banter to the point that I get lost and end up having to take a nap just to regroup and keep up for the next round.  Lizzi reminds me weekly that no matter what happens in life there are always at least ten good things to be thankful for and find them.

I am so excited to read how these totally different minds work.


my husband snapped this photo....

my husband snapped this photo….

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5 thoughts on “How I Write

  1. Ahhhh my lovely friend – SO happy to receive the torch from you, and learn how your writing process works, in the meantime. Thank you for thinking of me.

    I love how your thought is that this is going to be the best baby-book ever. Such a gorgeous idea – I really like it. Your kids will, too, when they’re grown up and have such an amazing record of their earliest years.

    LOVE the picture of you writing. That’s awesome – I can’t decide if it’s more “TRYYYYIINNNGGGG TO CONCENTRAAAATE!” or “F*** OFF – I’m WRITING HERE!” but I love it.

    (Chris and I must try not to leave you behind, lying in the MUCK too much…)

  2. I love that picture! And yes….the best (and only) baby book that at least three of my kids will ever get. 🙂 Thanks for indulging me! (And I’m so impressed with your 365 posts…I need to try to keep up)

    • oh wait I’m not doing 365 I only committed to 52 hahaha I try to do one a week per the 52 but some weeks I do zero and some I do 10:) Thanks for passing the torch; it was a fun post!

  3. *Breathing loudly… panting…trying to catch my breath*

    I’m here! Whew! Made it!

    Thanks for your sweet words Kerry! I love that you are inspired by your precious babes- all four of them. And where do I find these 365 posts? I had no idea that twinversity was a site?!!! I must go on an adventure!! You have to tell me where you are over there!

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