I See You

Again it’s the same old story; tired pregnant woman can’t get a thought together for a simple post so photos will have to do.

It’s not that I don’t have much to say, I have plenty.  I have more than enough words to write volumes on new sleeping patterns, temper tantrums, my elderly body, my incomplete bucket list and much more but I don’t like sitting at the computer after work.

I’m just too tired people!

Let’s start with this: DON’T get pregnant with a second set of twins or you will look like this:

I see you below that belly

And feel like this:

blown up pregnant woman

But on a positive note, my little H has found exciting new ways to house her toothbrush.

tooth brush stuck to wall tooth brush stuck to wall

I had to put a stop to it since my home hasn’t been kept up like it should and that damn toothbrush has fallen on the bathroom floor more times than any toothbrush should.  Good thing I bought a 3 pack.

Other than this not much is going on…really.  If you had a video on me it would be just me screaming for everyone to do everything since I can’t, my random “catch my breath” breaks as I pretend to look at trees as I walk through the parking lot at work and then a whole bunch of me lying down with a big glass of chocolate milk.

That last part might explain the first photo.  OY VEY!

It’s that kind of link up with Greta and Sarah today over at ippp!


8 thoughts on “I See You

  1. LOL I remembered feeling so exhausted on the last month of my pregnancy and to think I wasn’t carrying twins! Hang in there!
    Dropping by from Bloppy Bloggers 🙂

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