I’ll Take THAT For Free Thank You

Ten Things That You Love That Cost Nothing is our hot topic for Monday Listicles thanks to the kind Kristi Gilbert @therobotmommy

  1. Smiles and giggles
  2. Watching my girls play
  3. A walk, anywhere; around the neighborhood, in the woods, on the beach
  4. Reading to and with my girls
  5. Counting the stars
  6. Finding shapes in the clouds
  7. A good conversation with a dear friend
  8. Watching the birds each spring and summer- our yard is their sanctuary-third year in a row- amazing
  9. Volunteering
  10. Sharing a beer on the deck with my man….if the beer was already in the fridge it’s free….

I recently did a post similar if your interested you can check it out here.   Other than that I can’t wait to read all the goodness that this topic brings to kick off the week!

I love Mondays:)

Only 3 more days to vote at Circle Of Moms to help my blog hit a spot in the top 25 for Mommy of Multiple Bloggers.  Thanks!


Many more bird photos to come as they birds gain their strength but I leave you with these…..

IMG_5915 IMG_5871



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23 thoughts on “I’ll Take THAT For Free Thank You

  1. Love the photo of the robins. I saw a blue egg shell on the ground today. I was hoping that all was okay and there was a baby somewhere above. The sound of children giggling is wonderful as well as a walk on the beach. I will walk on the beach for hours.

  2. I love No. 6. I’m trying to get my kids to pay attention to these simple pleasures too. I remember sitting on the grass in the summer and simply staring up into the sky and pointing different shapes out … so wonderful!

  3. Yes, I forgot to add walks… love walking with son and dog and just enjoying the weather and the sights. Oh and chatting with friends…very important. great list babe.

  4. Ooo – I had walk on my list too. Great list!

    I completely forgot about counting the stars – lovely way to enjoy the night sky. Just last night, the sky was clear and filled with stars — so many, we had trouble finding the Big and Little Dipper. It was really beautiful.

    Happy Listicles Monday!

  5. cloud shapes is definitely a great free way to pass the time. It’s amazing how many Pickachu’s and Disney Princess are floating around up there. LOL
    We have a mama robin who has 4 eggs in a nest in our front tree. the kids are practically jumping with glee that there will be baby birds to see soon. Her eggs are the bluest I have ever seen. I had to Instagram it of course — another great freebie!

    • OH awesome!!! I couldn’t get a good look at her eggs. i was so scared to scare the momma off. I’ll have to check your Instagram site. I need to join….one more addiction but like you said free 🙂

  6. Great list. I agree with all of them – except for the last bit. I don’t drink beer. Replace that with coffee…and it’s all good!

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