I’m Being Hustled

I’m being hustled, black mailed, railroaded by my 3 year old.  Let’s get a little personal here for a minute to give you the true picture.  I’ve had cramps….for days; well 2 days.  The girls know this as I just lay on the couch with a heating pad or as they call it my hot pillow.

They fear often that I am going to burn myself even though they rest their hand on it while they are asking me this one sentence question that takes 3 minutes to spit out thus annoying me even more since they are also laying all over my pms cramping and cranking body.

Anyway the best source of “control” that works for me with the girls is a good girl/bad girl chart.  I’m not sure if I’ve blogged about this before but it’s my best tool for dealing with them.

Now screaming makes me feel better but my sane self knows that is only creating a more wild child for L and a more nervous child for H so I need to tone it down.

The basics of the chart are this:

J J J    
X X      

 (5 columns, not sure why table/chart isn’t transferring- but you get the idea).

Once L reaches a full row of X’s she has to go get me a princess dress and I hang it in the doorway of her playroom for a day or two as her punishment.

Once H reaches a full row she has to get me a pumpkin shirt, same torturing applies.

It works like a charm.  I even keep little charts in my bag when running errands because the past has proven that if they know a chart isn’t near I will forget the proper markings; both the good and bad ones.

When they get a row of smiles they get a choice of a special snack or a small toy, usually costing only a dollar or two.

Tonight, as I was resting on the couch with L, H was in the other room about to fall asleep screaming that she dropped her juicey and could someone get it for her.  Usually I would tell her to suck it up but she was super tired so I asked L to go help her out.

She looked at me like I was crazy until I told her I would give her a smiley.  She looked devilishly out the side of her eye with a grin and said, “Two smiles?”

Fine! What a weasel.  I hope she takes these negotiating skills with her in life; they WILL come in handy.

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