Is this Clever or Just Bad?

The girls were playing at their table in our bedroom while I was getting ready to take them to school.  I hear “damn-it.”  Not unusual since I can’t seem to stop saying it although I have gotten better.  They can use it in perfect context as well which I find impressive for a 3 year old.

Me from the bathroom: who just said damn-it?

Both girls in unison blaming each other say: L said it, H said it

Then I hear L whisper, if Mommy asks again just say bang-it.  You know a kid whisper which is actually like a drunken girl whisper, they think no one can hear them!

So I come out of the bathroom and hear one of them say damn-it again so I ask who just said that?

H looks at me, very proud, and says, “Mommy I said bang-it.”  As she says this she bangs her hand on the table and the word bang is exaggerated to make me truly understand she said b and not d.

I’m really not sure what to do about this.  Suggestions?  Perhaps books on lying?

6 thoughts on “Is this Clever or Just Bad?

  1. N did the same thing at that age, perfect context and everything (and yes, I was a little proud)…I had to watch my mouth and he stopped saying it. I wouldn’t get too mad or yell, that makes it all the more exciting for them. Just say its a grown up word, don’t use it and move on. If they don’t get attention from it, they won’t do it. just my two cents.

  2. There are truckers and sailors who would be appalled at some of the words that come out of my mouth. The kids do repeat them and always in perfect context. Is it their fault? Nope. They are learning and just repeating what they hear. I recognize that not only is it my fault, it’s up to me to make an effort to curb the bad language. I try to make sure that they understand that those words are only to be used by adults. Their comprehension of that fact is apparent to me when they immediately appologize after they slip up and have used a bad word.

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