Is Your Kid a Wimp?

I’m not good with wimps.  I’m not and I’m not going to lie about it.  That includes my family being wimps.  When Steve gets sick I just walk out of the house because I know I’m going to get irritated.

H fell off her bike yesterday and you would have thought the little, while slightly bloody, certainly not gushing, strawberry on her knee was in fact a very botched decapitation; slow and painful.

She was screaming with her rape whistle of a voice and wouldn’t walk on it…for 24 hours!


I started telling her if she didn’t toughen up I was going to flick her knee.

This irritated me especially since we just had a conversation about pain.  She hurt herself and screamed bloody murder which caused me to go running in a full sprint to her just to find it was a bump against the door and she was done crying.

I explained that while it was perfectly fine to express her emotions she could not scream like that unless someone was taking her.  She needed to toughen up and shake it off.

It’s baffling because she is a mad wrestler and super tough when she is playing sports.

I know I sound like an awful Mom but….well…I really have no excuse.  In these situations I am.

The point of this is that five hours later she still would not get off the couch so I went outside with L.  When I came in to check on her she was watching African Cats. I asked if she wanted me to turn it to which she surprised me with, “no; it’s about the wild.”

So I got hooked on it as well.

When L came in she asked H what she was watching.

H: wild animals

L: oh are there any cats?

H: no

L: any lambys

H: no

L: any goats

H: No, it’s tigers and lions

L: cheetahs?

H: yes

So now it’s sinking in, or so I thought.

L: Mommy- why aren’t they talking?

Me: because it is not a cartoon, they are real.

Then H chimed in with her version of what she has witnessed so far; which was very accurate.

“These big lions were stalking the zebras and they got one and it died staying all still and they chewed on it then a big lion chased them away and they were bloody and he ate it from the girl lions.”

She certainly was paying attention.  Then the cheetahs came on.  The brother cheetahs were bullying the sister so they could separate her from her cubs and essentially eat them.

The plan worked but the cubs fought fiercely and the big cats ran away.  The Mom was able to find three of her cubs but two were lost and eventually the hyenas took them.

The sounds of their little calls were heartbreaking and L was in tears asking why the Mommy just didn’t get her babies.  WHY!  JUST GO GET THEM!

L was so sad.

I attempted to explain the circle of life but the tears were already in her eyes.

That ended the life of watching The National Geographic Channel.  This experience taught me, again, that  some strengths are another’s weakness and that’s just the way it is.



3 thoughts on “Is Your Kid a Wimp?

  1. Oh no, Dino is always asking where the mommies and daddies are when he thinks their babies and kids are hurt. He doesn’t understand it either. It is hard to explain when he knows we will always protect him.

    I am so scared of broken bones and gushing blood. I often stand there initially in panic while he cries (great mom that I am) then cuddle him. He now knows he has to move his hurt body to show me it’s not broken. LOL

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