It Ended with a Fly

What a morning!  I was so ready to get out of the house after yesterday spending a hot day outside cleaning toys and inside cleaning floors that I was determined to do something fun with the girls.  Up and ready early, I decided to water the plants before we left for the beach since it was going to be mid-90s.  The girls helped me as well as helped me pack up the bags and close up the house to put the air on for the puppies.

OK so I wanted to leave the house by 10, I was only 30 minutes off schedule, not bad.   Off we went!  The local beach we go to is the Cove, it’s our quick trip go to.  It’s easy and always kids and families there.  Lately it has been getting super crowded.  Like park your car down the road and haul your butt to the beach just to sit on your neighbor crowded.  I don’t EVER remember it being like that last year.

I thought since it was Sunday and I live in a Holy Roller town everyone would still be at church.  Wrong.  There was not a single spot!

Oh backup.   From my house to the Cove is about 25 miles back in the boonies and the closest gas station is about 15 miles out so if you need gas fill up.  I am notoriously letting my gas get below the line.  I hate stopping for gas.  Anyway as always I was not paying attention and suddenly the light and beeping went on.  I kept driving thinking I can make it there and back but after I started calculating there was a strong possibility that I would run out on the way back so we turned around therefore pushing us back another 30 minutes.

Ok now back to the parking.  There were two spots that were a tight squeeze and by the time I turned around to get the better of the two, a guy, with a 6 pack- smarty pants, took that one so I went to the less attractive and went for it.  I definitely could not fit in this spot but there was no way I was going back home after dragging these poor girls all the way out here.  I darted in the spot and thought, “hmm I’m sticking out really too far, this isn’t good.”  But it didn’t matter because I got stuck in the marsh.  Oh well, I thought, I’ll either wait for the car in front of me to move or wait to get towed which is what I need anyway.  “Let’s go girls and have some fun.”

Just then the 6-pack guy walked by and said, as if he knew what I was thinking,’ good enough!”

He was right, in fact the ranger drove by and didn’t say a word to me nor did he even seem to notice.

It was packed but low tide so plenty of beach.  The girls usually mind their manners about the rules of the water but I guess since it was packed they figured I wouldn’t yell at them.  They were correct but it didn’t stop me from walking my pale saggy butt in the water and drag them out.    They were pushing each other under and I won’t tolerate that.   With my hands held high and an arm in each they were flailing around trying to keep up.  I plopped them on the towel for a time out.

The great thing about the Eastern Shore and going to a redneck beach is no one even flinched at the semi-scene.  But then again I wasn’t loudly saying “I aint playin’ get your ass over here before I whip it like I done yo sistas.”  Lovely lady; can it and cover the gut you thought was hiding.

I wrangled them up twice which really made me mad because for some reason I feel like I’m going to get an infection in this water; you know a booty infection.  I don’t know anyone who has, we’ve been coming here for 2 years, my girls, Steve and friends go in all the time but I just feel yucky.

The second time I went  in for them  I threatened L telling her I was going to take 3 dresses away and telling H I was going to take her pumpkin shirt.  That worked; gestures were all I needed from then on out.

Unfortunately our day was cut short.  My girls, like me, are afraid of most bugs, well all bugs.  The green horse flies were out today and the girls don’t swat them away, they freeze from panic and scream.  It’s funny.

Once they were back in the water L started screaming crying.  I couldn’t tell that anything was wrong until I got close and one of those flies landed on her nose and she was panicking.  I swatted it off but not in time because the bite was bleeding.  That s.o.b. was just sitting there sucking away on my baby’s nose.   That ruined the day and they both freaked out and insisted on going home.

Telling Daddy all about her day!

The day ended nice with a great dinner, dessert, pool time and sparkers all with Daddy.  Nothing is ever bad when Daddy is home.

4 thoughts on “It Ended with a Fly

  1. You kill me. I love this story; I felt like I was there. I’m scared of running out of gas, my booty is scared, and I’m looking around my head for a biting fly. The picture is great, too.

    • Thanks Mauna! You should come visit sometime and be a part of the fun 🙂 If it wasn’t for you I don’t think I would have any followers and definitely no comments!

  2. Kerry – I have been following your tales since you started writing – and by far – I think this was the best narrative ever! If I see that doggone bug who bit that baby – I will swat it with my electronic bug zapper! Haha! Thank you for letting me see the kids grow through your eyes!

    • Awe thanks Mrs. Lopez!!! You are too kind and I love that you have a bug zapper! Hopefully we will make it your way soon; I miss those grandkiddos of yours!

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