It was a Good Day


Not sure what would have happened if I did bong that bottle of wine last night but I’m guessing since I didn’t we were able to get the following done by 2:00 today (Saturday)

  • Spray paint glass vases and the girls swing
  • Decorate a gingerbread train
  • Make paper flowers for our Valentine’s Day mantel
  • Scrounge the entire house for fun objects for our mantel
  • Decorate our mantel
  • Write a post for Damn-it Steve
  • Write a post for New2two
  • Work on real job stuff
  • Make beds (they made theirs and it takes everything I’ve got not to fix it my way)
  • Empty dishwasher and clean kitchen
  • Make 2 meals for 4 people (OK a big breakfast but a simple lunch)
  • Download photographs
  • Update the art section on new2two
  • Respond to a hundred emails, figuratively
  • Took down Christmas lights out front (totally forgot about them)
  • Pack for a play/wine date….well I’m bringing wine don’t know if the other Moms know


working on our flowers

that's as far as we got

It's mantel time!

  • learning her own form of piping

It was so wonderful watching the girls play today.  They have been getting along really well and listening.  I guess the freak out last night worked! Or the fact that I actually decided not to scream and just calmly told them to get to their room at the slightest movement towards a fight/chaos/break down.

I really loved seeing L get out her reader book and go through the entire thing.  She asked me to dance with her at the end, there was a Mickey Dance section, and H joined us as well.  The girls then colored at the table while I was emptying the dishwasher and H came up to me with all the crayons put away.  I almost fell over.  She picked them up and put them away and they moved onto their Leapfrog laptops.  H couldn’t’ figure out how to work the email so L helped her.  It was so sweet!  Days like this make days like yesterday disappear. 

learning to read

L helping H read her e-mail


Update Update Update!  It’s 2:30 and a little monster is out of bed and there is a turd on the floor.  At least she tried to make it to the potty! haha

3 thoughts on “It was a Good Day

  1. Ker! How do you make those tissue paper flowers?! I’m looking for some fun Valentine’s Day crafts to do with the little guy I nanny and they’re too cute!

  2. Hi Col! Really simple. Get a few pieces of tissue paper and fold them back and forth acordian style (or like you would make a fan), cut the edges so they are round and not straight. Tie a piece of ribbon/string/twin in the center and then spread them out. After I fold up the paper I cut it in half so they aren’t huge and then you get 2 out of each set of tissue you fold. Make sense?

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