Jamatoca Farm

There are few places in this world that make me feel calm and at ease.  One place is the beach, the other is the Farm.  The Farm is a world away in a twenty minute drive.  I don’t feel the bills, hear the whining, see the chaos, smell the mess.  It’s a wonderful place to just truly “be.”  The farm is owned by my sister’s in-laws who over the years have become my in-laws.  They are parents to my husband and I, they are grandparents to our kids.  We have been coming to the farm for 15 plus years and it feels like home.  One day I need walk the entire property and photograph it but in the meantime here are a few shots from today.


Walking into the Barn, which not long ago was a MAN ONLY place

My man talking to THE man, Grandpop

Now not too long ago Mr. C aka Grandpop had a stroke and the world almost lost one of the most amazing men I have ever met.  His presence is bigger than any cowboy hat a farmer could find and his kindness is even bigger.  My husband is freakishly tall and I am perfect so 10 years ago when we were building our home we were looking for a bathroom sink that could meet our height differences in the middle.  Mr. C build us a beautiful copy of something we saw in Restoration Hardware.


Can you believe that was one of his first pieces!!!  Anyway, he is starting to work with his hands again and he is looking better than ever. Go Grandpop!!

Ain't no stoppin' him

Lastly, are a few photos of the girls running wild in the wheat fields….

not a care in the world, wander for days

laying in the wheat with cousins

talking about life


I wish everyone in the world had a place like the Farm to run away to.  It sure would be a happier world if they did.  Love you C family with all our hearts!!! XO


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  1. Kerry – you are a truly a wonderful, moving writer & photographer! This story and pictures brought tears to my eyes, we feel blessed to have you and your beautiful family as part of ours.

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