Kids And Chores

How young were your kids when you started giving them chores?  My girls have to pick up their toys and help put their clothes away.  Lately they’ve been helping me dust, empty the dishwasher, vacuum and wash windows; a chore I never do.  And I gave up on the bed.

Being a tad meticulous, having kids has made me HAVE to relax on that front.  I turn my head when the clothes piles aren’t neat in their closets or the bed has 7 nicely laid blankets instead of just the one comforter but vacuuming I always have to do.   I appreciate their (Steve included) help but they aren’t using the attachments and getting under stuff; not that it’s easy for the girls to use.

Now the windows on the other hand is a great task because I hate doing them hence they haven’t been done in a year and they are the perfect height for getting the dog nose prints off.  So it’s a win-win, aside of using an entire bottle of cleaner for 3 windows and getting the spray on the floor and each other.

So the questions are:

Do your kids have chores?

At what age and chore did they start with?

Do they get a reward?




3 thoughts on “Kids And Chores

  1. These were all the FB comments:
    PW said- Of course But yes, mine did all growing up as soon as they were old enough, starting simply with picking up and cleaning up their own toys.

    MS said- yep

    HW said- yes ma’am

    ST said- Shel started washing her own clothes when she was in the 1st grade

    AD said- Chores, that must be Chinese in my house.

    AG said (more or less) yes- chores is their reward for feeding them and putting a roof over their head. If they go above and beyond then maybe an allowance but part of parenting is teaching resposbility and that comes from getting involved with the house.

  2. The 2-yo helps load & unload the dishwasher, puts the soap in & shuts the door (all with help, of course). He also “sweeps” the kitchen after dinner (read: spreads the mess to every corner). Right now being a “big helper” is reward enough – I’ll be sad when THAT changes.

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