Laundry Room Clean Up

My laundry room fell apart while I was pregnant and even more so when others were taking care of my family during my recovery.

I finally had a rush of energy and tackled that ugly, cluttered space.

I just reorganized what I had and as always I use only what I have instead of buying more.

Looks good enough for me!


laundry room make over

After…. laundry room make over

Looks like I need more detergent and oxy-clean according to those empty Tupperware containers.

laundry room make over laundry room make overLeft cabinet before….

laundry room make over

After….the extra food cabinet.

laundry room make over

Right cabinet before….

laundry room make over

After, all the “chemicals” and our sunblock basket is ready!  Come on summer. laundry room make over

Boring, not impressive but clean and worth documenting for inspiration next time disaster calls.


One thought on “Laundry Room Clean Up

  1. That’s where I keep our sunglasses too!! That’s about all that’s organized in my laundry room. PLEEEEASE come and organize mine.

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