Let’s try Another Sport

When the girls were just 2 we signed them up for soccer.  It was hysterical and I was their assistant coach which was the pits because we couldn’t miss any practices or games which were both held on Saturday mornings at 9:00.

We are not morning people.

It was only for about 3 months so we sucked it up although the girls would get bored after about 15 minutes so that meant the next 30 minutes was spent running around with the other little guys with one or both of the girls in my arms.

They are almost 4 now so we figured we would try sports again.  L has been asking to do ballet since the spring so I finally signed them up along with their bestie, Abby.

It runs the school year, every Tuesday at 5:30- 6:00.   I was happy when I took the girls shopping that L picked out pink from head to toe while H picked out black.  That way if one dropped out I had an alternative outfit.

Last night was their first night and they loved it.  They didn’t fuss when the instructor brought them into the studio and shut the door behind them.  The parents sat out in the lobby and watched on a TV as the girls pointed their toes, spun around, stretched and just looked so adorable!

Steve surprised us by getting out of work to see their first practice.  The Thompson crew was there as well so after practice we all went out for dinner.

It was such a sweet evening and I’m so proud of them!  Surprisingly they said they wanted to try soccer again.  I’m all for it especially since it’s just a 3 month sport and it will give us something to do in the winter…I need to find pictures from their last attempt!

In the meantime here are a few pictures of their ballet cuteness!

Making wishes before ballet!

Runnig, excitedly, up the stairs to the studio

listening to the instructor, Abby was a little shy yet

holding hands while crossing the busy street

Had to switch to her orange/red shoes for dinner!

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