Liking and Not Liking

I’m guessing part of the reason this process is so expensive is because I’m purchasing a lot of the same items in different brands to figure out what we like and don’t like.


One thing that I hear is so wonderful for you yet Steve and I can’t stand is coconut water.  For some reason it instantly triggers my gag reflex.  That’s unusual because I generally like everything.  I purchased 4 different brands but refuse to move past the first one so fruit shake bound are the rest.


We also did not like a rice pizza we tried.  It just crumbled, didn’t have a good taste or texture so that is out.  I was given a non-gluten pizza dough recipe that I need to try this week.  Aside of sweets and beer we LOVE pizza.


We all are fond of quinoa and rice spaghetti.  I love love love Glutino products particularly the pretzels so that can now be put on bulk from an on-line source.  In addition to rice bread (only toasted) by energ.


For our sweet tooth we indulge in dark chocolate covered raisins until we can find a better alternative. They have the benefit of dark chocolate and raisins, both good for you, and few other ingredients.


As for dairy we have cut most of it out.  For me it’s been a while since I’m working on the blood type diet.  That has been hard because I adore, love, worship, you name it, dairy.  Ice cream, yogurt, milk, cheese- it has all played a big part of my diet.  Pizza is our treat but we use mozzarella only since that is at least lactose free for my little one.


Also I can’t seem to get rid of my goat cheese.  I love it on salads, tossed in a bowl with fruit, or spread on toast with fresh fruit or tomatoes on top.  I need something dairy s it is goat cheese oh and I do treat myself occasionally to ice cream.


We are heading in the right direction but we really need a good bread or wrap that is gluten free that doesn’t need to be toasted in order to eat or tolerate.


Any suggestions are always welcomed!




I always put cooked/toasted products on my cookie sheet so the bottom doesn’t get soggy.



(Another from the old site dated in spring of 2012)

We picked up our CSA share which is all yummy stuff but then we had to hit the health food store for a few new ingredients.




Surprisingly I am very fond of a rice/potato/soy spaghetti I found.  It was not sticky or chewy and the girls nor Steve really noticed a difference.


The only, small, complaint I have is that I no longer make just one big fruit shake for the family.  I make Steve’s then the girls and I, per usual, drink where ever the left over is.


The girls typically get just fruit and milk or juice.  Steve’s is now seeds, nuts, fruits, water and coconut butter to make it creamy.  I have to say it is really delicious.


I think I’ve nailed the fruit shakes.  I have found a satisfactory pasta substitute and we are really digging the white quinoa as a substitute for rice.  It took a time or two to cook it just right.  We add chicken stock but it doesn’t soak in the flavor it kind of sits on it so the product tasted really salted.  We just need to watch that.  The best part is the girls are not noticing any changes.

Once again the biggest challenge is the cost.  The second is learning not only how to cook but how to cook with unfamiliar ingredients.


We’ll get there, slowly but surely!

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