Look Who’s Baaack!


There is an amazing Momma bird that bred in our tree last year. We didn’t trim the tree back this past fall, crape myrtle, because birds will often reuse their nest or come back to the same nesting tree; or so we’ve been told.

Well she did come back but built her nest a little higher so I can’t see her as well but she is none the less fantastic.

This tree is right by our garage, where we pass everyday all day long.  She perches with her beak open as if at any moment she is going to swoop down and eat me!  Why she doesn’t move to the other tree on the opposite side, that no one goes near, is not my business.  She has her reasons, like all Mothers, for doing what she does so I just let her be….aside of the annoying pictures.

My fingers are crossed that we can continue to witness the transformation from baby baby to just a baby bird who learns to fly and leave the nest.  I saw them fall from the nest last year but wasn’t able to capture it on film.  This year I am ready!

Anyway, here are the pictures I’ve taken so far however they are all foggy looking; could the heat be steaming up my lens???  Probably but at least you can see her glory.

I seeeee YOU!

look at the little beak next to him on the right…

sleepy head

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