Love is in the Air….Kinda…

VALENTINES WEEK, YAY!!!!!  So much love and romance and love in the air.  I usually get down with decorating for the holidays but it seems I’m too busy to really dive into the decorating and crafts so this year, my darling children, consider your trifling troublesome beings, ripped off.

Or just forget as you will since you are just a wee 4 years old!  It isn’t a complete waste because I do have a special, small, surprise come Valentine’s Day morning!  Ohhhh I can’t wait to see H’s face!

In the meantime this is what we’ve done….or not done if you will.

All the decorations that are usually scattered about are now confined to this corner.

IMG_20130202_111118 IMG_20130202_111103We did have fun painting toilet paper rolls to use as vases, then scrunching up tissue paper for the petals on our washer stems.


Hole punchers!  Who knew they would keep kids occupied for so long.  Every few days they ask to work on their jar of confetti!  It will take a year to fill this jar but they sure are determined!


Oh this was a good reuse if I do say so myself.  Since I didn’t make nor do I plan to make cupcakes I put fruit on the cupcake tier.  They have been gobbling up more apples than usual so this little puppy might stay all year long!


We did make these last year and we love, love, love them so instead of on sticks in vases we draped them from the doorways.

IMG_20130202_104054 IMG_20130202_104021

And lastly our Valentine’s Day cards.  We stole and tweaked this idea from Little Monster.  Sorry family members, if you are reading this….expect a little love in the mail this week!

Practicing painting hearts before tackling the real thing…

IMG_20130208_114050 IMG_20130208_114031 IMG_20130208_114036

Here’s hoping everyone has a week and lifetime full of love!!!


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21 thoughts on “Love is in the Air….Kinda…

  1. Ok so your girls do NOT mess around. The apple/avocado tree is probably my favorite and thank you for the tip on the hole punchers- I should have known! Dear god just let me find them in a store here!!

  2. so. freaking. cute. but now i do feel like i’ve been a total v-day grinch because we haven’t done any crafting like the above other than to just do our school valentines. know what I love most about this post? the hole puncher idea! filling a jar with confetti? that is a brilliant activity! My kids would absolutely go gaga over that. Good for working their fine motor too. thank you!

  3. I love your homemade decorations! So cute! And the valentines turned out great!! I don’t envy you, though, when that confetti jar gets filled up….you know they’ll want to use it for something. 😀

    • HA! Oh Greta if you only knew. I had a surprise 35th party for my husband and all the guests threw confetti. It’s amazing how much is packed into a tiny one once bag. It’s been 5 years and I am still finding confetti or as Steve says “our house is still throwing up confetti!”
      So yeah, don’t be envious!

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  5. I love all the adorable valentine’s! I didn’t decorate either, time got away from me as it usually does. I am more focused on my son’s birthday on the 3rd, and totally forget about valentine’s day

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