My BIG Mother’s Day Weekend

This could not have been a better “holiday” weekend.  We started off Saturday morning with a walk at the local park for the humane society; Cause for Paws.  The girls were so in love with all the dogs and didn’t want to stop petting them.  I was proud of their manners and cautious nature when approaching the dogs.  I always fear they are going to just charge the animals like they do at home but their doggie etiquette shined through.

Sweetest pup and the girls loved him

This one year old pup took a little getting used to!

After that we played at the park for a while before heading off to a bug birthday party!  Our friend, Amanda, is the cleverest Mom ever.  Her boys love bugs so everything revolved around that.  When they arrived they received bug catchers and magnifying glasses and the entire back yard was filled with rubber bugs. Then they played put the dots on the ladybug with Oreo cookies and scooped bugs out of the pool for what seemed like days.

stick the oreo on the ladybug

We then headed to Home Depot for my traditional (annual) Mother’s Day rose bush and spent a few hours gardening.   Below H is releasing her ladybugs onto one of my rosebushes that she got in her party favor bag.

ladybug release

helping me carry all the tomatoes and peppers to the garden

After a LONG nap we headed to our friend’s house for a bbq in celebration of their best little buddy’s birthday.  I hate that this picture, as were all of them, blurred.  They were cracking me up because they were running away form the whales in the ocean.

the imagination at work

On Sunday we had a fantastically lazy day!   We had a big breakfast, spent the late morning at the beach, baked a pie, went for a walk, took a nap, grilled a pizza, read books on the deck and after putting the girls to bed we watched a movie!

L running full speed ahead

I think I covered it all!   I hope all the mommies of the world had a great weekend as well!  We all deserve it for how hard we work and love!

Oh no wait!  One more thing….

Perfect bottle beer holder

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