My Favorite Blogging Women- TToT

I’m thankful every day; some days more so than others but every day I am thankful for my family, friends, health, a roof over my head, and a husband that is my best friend.

These thanks never go away.

This week I want to thank some more indirect blessings that are in my life; my bloggy buddies.

These ladies have been an amazing support system and while I always thought it was weird to “make” friends over the internet they have all become very special to me for one reason or another so lesson learned, once again, in being narrow sighted.

  1. LIZZI of Considerings!!! Always Lizzi. She is sweet, she is kind, she is smart and she is a smile through a thunderstorm.
  2. CHRIS of The Mom Cafe!!! My buddy that, without knowing, always brings me to a spiritual/religious place and reminds me I’m never alone.
  3. JULIXA of Stuff 4 Multiples!!! This is my latest partner in crime. I adore this quick witty Bronx entrepreneur. She is brilliant and has made my life as a twin mom WAY easier with her amazing products.
  4. TANYA of Comic Strip Mama!!! My newest bloggy friend. We met during this crazy competition we are in when things weren’t jiving with the contest rules and we’ve been laughing and supporting each other since. Ya’ want to laugh check her out!
  5. KIM of Little by Little Blog!!! She will never leave my list. Her photography is as big and beautiful as her heart. She is always generous and positive.
  6. JULIE of Twiniversity!!! She runs Twiniversity and gives me the courage to write regularly about my girls and, without judgment, supports and publishes me monthly.
  7. LISA of What Lisa Cooks!!! I don’t know her as much as I stalk her. She produces the best lunches for her kids and makes me actually excited to get packing. I currently smell her oatmeal cups she promoted from wholesome foods in my kitchen as I write. It’s actually the only thing keeping me sane as my girls fight in teams.
  8. SARAH of The Pink Lady Chronicles!!! She is the wife of one of my all-time favorite high school buddies and while I don’t know her in real life, I’ve pushed my way into her virtual world. She is annoying with her ability to do everything and I mean everything.
  9. GRETA of GFunkified!!! She is always on my list. Her story is fascinating and she runs. She runs for health, she runs for awareness, she runs because she’s a badda** and I admire her immensely.
  10. KATE of Can i Get Another Bottle of Wine!!! I haven’t been her way in a while which I regret because she is the wittiest, real blogger there is and I wish I was as honest as; she is hilarious! Go Girl!

There are a hundred more so i think I will make this part one of a ten part series! All these ladies (and a few men) have been so supportive even while I’ve been “inactive.”

So be thankful and check out all these amazing women!

Thanks Lizzi for hosting Ten Things of Thanks and not giving up on this very spacey girl! XOXO

Ten Things of Thankful

13 thoughts on “My Favorite Blogging Women- TToT

  1. Ohhhh you’re so SWEET! And of course I’d bear with you! Why the heck WOULDN’T I? I always like when you join in, and there’s never any pressure or obligation – it’s just a treat when you do 🙂

    Thank you for the lovely shout-out, and good luck with the winning – I voted.

  2. What a great idea for the TToT! I only know three of the ladies on your list. I enjoy them, so I’m sure to enjoy the others. More people to meet!
    I do enjoy this blogging gig.
    Have a lovely day!

  3. A great way to do your thankful – I think blog friends are certainly real friends and blogging – and the community I’ve found through it have brought a lot to my life too.

    Have a great week!

  4. Thank you so much for mentioning me! You are awesome (and completely delusional!). I definitely cannot do everything….most nights I can barely get myself home from work, feed my kids and plop on the couch. I appreciate it though! I cannot wait to check out the other pages.

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