Ten Things I AM Proud Of

I’m late with the link up  and I really want to join this week.  It’s all about being proud.  This is a tough one but a well worth it one.   Stasha always does a great job with the Monday Listicles and I love reading everyone’s lists.  Hope you do to!

So here we go….

  1. Teaching- I have bugged the colleges for years to let me in and one finally did.  It’s the local community college and I love it.  I love the students.  Some old, some young but most are really trying to better themselves.  It feels great going that extra mile to make sure they understand and are learning.  I thought I wanted to be at the University (need a Doctorate- ain’t got time for that) but I’m falling in love with this small community.
  2. My kids…my kids….my kids.  Took us a lifetime to have them; they almost lost me a few times but we, the 4 of us, have strength, love and support that no one, no tragedy could destroy
  3. Not giving up on my marriage- we’ve had some rough patches with us, with finances, with health and we always come out swinging strong.  It’s easy to walk away but it is hard to stay and fight.  Marriage is difficult but like parenting if you have the right love it is so worth the fight.
  4. Not giving up on being a better me- I often think I suck.  What have I done blah blah blah like most women but when I think back on my life I have improved and become a better me to me, to my family and to the earth.
  5. The little things my girls do like helping a friend who fell or hugging her sister when she is sad.  Knowing that they have compassion is a great relief
  6. My husband.  The man can fix anything.  My sister-in-law once said we need to create “dial-a-bergeman” and she is so right.  It’s so hot when he fixes, builds, makes….
  7. My parents, sisters, brothers and then some.  I am one of the few that have the support of all of them, the love from all of them and the joy to be a huge part of their life.  I certainly wouldn’t be even a tiny bit of me without them.  We are a strong Irish family and the greatest lesson my parents taught all of us was how important family is.
  8. My dogs.  They are pit-bulls or pit mixes and over the years they have helped us prove that they aren’t bad.
  9. My little buddy Isaac, who I met a year ago.  He struggles to keep on living and he does it with a smile.  Knowing him and his story has made me a better me and I’m so glad I know him and his family.
  10. My infertility- what? Proud of this? No, not that but how we have handled and dealt with it. We didn’t pretend it didn’t exist or let it make us sad. We embraced it, shared it and made it work. If I didn’t have fertility issues I can assure you we wouldn’t have twins, we wouldn’t understand the power that comes with that chance of never being a parent and I wouldn’t have met or have been reconnected with some amazing women who shared my struggles.
  11. One more- I had to add this photo since I love to organize and I am pretty good at it….this picture is an example of my little followers…YAY




PS I apologize for this sloppy post–life was insane yesterday and today so that is my sloppy, poor grammar excuse!


11 thoughts on “Ten Things I AM Proud Of

  1. Great list – isn’t teaching at community college the BEST JOB EVER?!?!? Love it. TA’d at uni, taught high school – definitely found my happy place at the juco level. *fist bump*

    (Great rest of the list too, of course – made me smile!)

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