My Tiny Dancer; I Mean Thief!

I love  February!  Why?  Because so many wonderful people were born in this month and its home to Valentine’s Day! I love Valentine’s Day!  You don’t have to have a “love” to show someone some love so stop moping if you don’t have a significant other and shower your sister, brother, child or best friend with some TLC!

The year started off rough but we’re making strides up and up.  The girls last day of school was yesterday so we are giddy with excitement on starting some “home” schooling.  I use that loosely; very loosely.

We also are gearing up for soccer which starts in a week.  All we needed were some cute sweats, check , and some soccer shoes.  We hit a few stores after school with no incident until a thief showed her adorable face.

When we left the first shop L was a little silly; sillier than usual in an unusual way.  As we were walking to the next store she pulled out this:

IMG_20130131_162149“I stuck it in my pocket so no one could see and kept it in there” (insert very sinister laugh) she said.  It wasn’t her intrigue with the stealing as much as  it was her pleasure in taking it that concerned me the most.

This is my first question to the reader; IS THIS NORMAL?

I know it was just a silly cut out petal from a cheap Valentine’s Day display but it wasn’t hers, she didn’t ask and no one handed it to her.

Moving on we found “soccer” shoes and again I am enthralled but their insane differences in taste!

IMG_20130131_162313Let’s now move on to the ride home.  Aside of the tiny kleptomaniac I have discovered living under my nose, the dragging to multiple stores was fun.  They were very well behaved.

H told L she could borrow her toy and when she asked for it back L stretched her feet (where her shoes went I don’t know) over to H and said smell my stinky feet first.  H started yelling, of course, and starting to get teary eyed knowing that her relentless bully of a sister wouldn’t stop until she did, so I finally told L to knock it off.

Just then L said her tummy hurt but she didn’t need to poop.  H said that she did have to poop; it was just stuck up in her belly and not ready to come out yet.

Meanwhile L leaned over again to annoy H at which point she let out a big fart leading to laughter and a very proud H who knew her theory of poop being stuck in L’s belly was correct!

As I mention over and over; kids are weird, entertaining no doubt but weird.

Now being the month of love and a month full of birthdays to those I love including my hubby wubs I’ve decided to dedicate a special ending to each post in the month of February to him.  It will be a question that you must answer in the comments.  Think of it as an extension of Damn-it Steve.  These questions will be a simple Steve or Girls as the answer.  Sounds easy?  Sounds fun?

So I leave you with this….who said:

“Come pet my puppy…hard.”

Steve or the girls?

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