New2Two & Damn-It Steve’s Favorites of 2015

I have a very bittersweet, love/hate relationship with my yearly best of lists.

I try to keep it short and simple and really pay homage to the best new products we’ve tried but it’s so hard; there are just way too many out there!

Our 2014 list is still ringing in hard and true. We still use and love everything on there with the exception of Stitch Fix; I just needed a break from silky tops for a while. I’ll see you again in the spring though.

Best of 2015

So let’s get to it shall we!

  1. Twingaroo– oh Twingaroo Twingaroo. You have truly transformed the world of multiples. Even though the babies are getting heavy I can still rock them both! You are the only product to make the list again this year. It’s just so incredibly easy to wear both and put a few diapers and wipes in the diaper bag. Just yesterday I was at a Winter Festival and brought a diaper bag instead because the babies wanted to walk. MISTAKE. Even if they didn’t want to be carried, having the carrier with diaper bag would have prevented the ever so annoying bag falling off my shoulder every time I bent down!
  2. Wrapsody Hybrid wrap– I never thought I would be a wrapper. I just couldn’t get the hang of it with the bigs. But I met the owner of Wrapsody and she taught me in the matter of 3 seconds what many others could never accomplish. I LOVE WRAPPING. I wish I knew how to wrap in more positions but I’m learning.  Her hybrid fabric is gorgeous and soft. It washes well and wears well. And the best thing about wrapping is you can do it forever. I had big H in there the other day and aside of the fact that she is almost as tall as me so it just looked odd, we were both comfortable.
  3. Maya Ring sling– sticking with the carrier theme I had to put the ring sling on here. The Maya is fabulous. It is perfect for snuggling a needy one close or just tossing one in to run into girl’s school. I wouldn’t go cheap here. The padding and solid ring are definite necessities when slinging.
  4. Cozy Babe– softest.blanket.ever.period. You can visit my review for more details here.
  5. Vilah Bloom– This bag stole my heart. It is the Grace Kelly of all diaper bags. The beauty and detail of the Vilah Bloom will make your heart sing from the hardware to the colors; no detail is left short. You can visit my review for more detail here.
  6. Darth Vader mask– this surprise gift is a permanent fixture in our home and provides daily conversations. It makes us all laugh while simultaneously making us fight over who gets to use it next. Thank God H is such a great sharer because no other kid of mine would share so kindly.
  7. Bento Box– H doesn’t like her bento box because it has too many compartments to open and she moves like Eastern Shore molasses. We love it because it helps us portion out their lunches, keeps it very neat and organized, the website provides fun and helpful lunch ideas, and it’s just plain easy for me. Nothing seems to get lost or destroyed. I know how much they are eating and the variety of compartments helps all of us in preparation.
  8. Usborne Books– This Company offers 2 book sets called Very First Reading and First Reading Set. They are amazing books geared towards engagement with your little reader. It’s a combination of big and little font sized words. An adult reads the small print while the child reads the big print. This helps build word and sound recognition as well as confidence. As the books progresses, the adult reads less and less until eventually the child is the only one reading. This has been a huge help in my daughters reading experience because she doesn’t LOVE nor cares to read.
  9. Tooth brushes– I love this style of tooth brush for 2 main reasons; changeable heads that don’t fall off when brushing and the round bottom prevents the girls from knocking them onto the counter or into the sink; such a great hygiene factor.
  10. Yeti Cooler– Our first science experiment of the summer was with my husband’s new Yeti Cooler. The girls and I filled the Yeti and a competitor’s cooler with exactly the same amount of ice and beer and documented the time as the ice melted. The Yeti’s ice lasted all day; almost 12 hours longer than its competitor. The same is true for its insolated beverage cups. Hot stays hot and cold stays cold. It’s amazing.
  11. Lastly and possibly my favorite because it really has truly created calmness and order to my life is the Little Partners Stand and Easel; both parts (sold separately but I NEED both). The stand has been great for both littles to reach the counter and hang out with us in the kitchen and the easel has totally streamlined our day. We use it as a permanent reminder of what needs to be done every morning and afternoon. Check out my review for more details here.

Let us know your thoughts! Anything new you want to try? Anything we should have added? Anything you disagree with?

Happy shopping, happy holidays and happy family!

(One year later and still going strong!)

Beach Twingaroo


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