Ode to Grammy & Pop – TToT

This weekend I’m honoring my parents and how wonderful they are.   My life would certainly be more hectic and messy without them!

I am thankful (for just this past week) for the following:

  1. That Grammy does my dishes- empty and fills the dishwasher
  2. That Pop came to the doctor with me to get the babies tongue ties clipped
  3. That F gave Pop the finger for a change instead of me
  4. That my bottles are always washed when Grammy visits
  5. That Pop buys me lunch from my favorite deli
  6. They still love each other and show it after all these years
  7. That they both hold the babies for hours on end when they are fussy
  8. That I sprung for Starbucks that Pop went to pick up and didn’t get charged for since the line was so long.  (I picked the right time to pick up the tab!)
  9. That my laundry is always done when they visit
  10. That they are MY parents

Grammy and my adorable niece:


Steve, Pop and buddy Jeff….

Steve, Pop, Jeff

Thanks Mom and Dad for EVERYTHING you do for me and my family!



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7 thoughts on “Ode to Grammy & Pop – TToT

  1. This is by far the sweetest post I have read this weekend! Your folks sound like incredible people and you are all so blessed to have them. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you to make sure to let them know just how awesome they are!

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