OH El Diablo is Back!

When L was born she caused us great grief with her colic and reflux.  She continued on with her outrageous amount of energy.  Her nickname was just “El” but would disappear from time to time.  She’s back though with a clever and cunning vengeance.

These days the latest issue is them screaming for me only to have me do something annoying like set their cup down on the table because they are kicked back relaxing.  Spoiled!  I’ve started telling them if they want me, to come to me or use their words to tell me what they want.  I’m no longer their servant.

This has been working OK.  It takes urging on my part but they eventually tell me what they want and then I decide if they need to come to me or me to them or if I can just walk them through the solution.

A few days ago L outdid herself.  After calling my name a few times and me not rushing to her she finally declared she spilled her drink.

I went running.

ME: Where?

She looked at me with the devil in her eye and said: oh I didn’t spill I just need you to turn the channel

You have got to be kidding me.  I looked at her amazed and left the room.  When I got back to the family room Steve just looked at me and said that was brilliant.   Although I agree for a 3 year old that was rather brilliant, I fear that for a 3 year old she is that weasely and yes, brilliant.

I’m not sure what the future holds but I can tell you Steve and I will be gray and wrinkled well before we should be.  We will be fit though, trying to keep one step ahead of her.

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