How To Organize The Best Local Community Charity Events

There comes a time in every community when funds need to be raised. The old saying, “Charity begins at home” is very true. If there is a community problem, an area of the community where money is needed, people are suffering, or growth is halted, it will take a group effort to raise the funds.

Public schools are always in need of funds to provide our children with the best educational experience they can have. Senior citizens often need help with transportation, food, medication, and companionship. Animal shelters are frequently in need of supplies and volunteers. The list goes on and on.

Most people are open to the idea of contributing, but the stand-by methods of selling chocolate bars, jars at the grocery counters, and raffles have been done so much that they generate no excitement and little revenue. So how do you find the avenue to create a spirit of the community helping the community? You step outside the box.

Involve the community

Put on a town event. Have local dance clubs perform, have local martial arts clubs compete, ask local businesses for door prizes, have churches man mother’s day out groups. Have a neighborhood festival with all the work being town volunteers and all the money going to the cause.

Restaurants can donate coupons for a meal or dessert, car washes can offer a free wheel shine, do your best to have every industry represented.

There is sure to be a technology company, computer repair shop, or community college class that is experienced with online services. Have this group create, and manage a account for the event. This is a free service that allows people and businesses to go online and for no additional charge donate to the cause. This is easy and eliminates the problem of folks who only carry plastic. The group can market the site with local businesses and show an ongoing progress toward the goal.

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Wholesale Candy

Selling candy has long been a way to raise money. But ordering, handling, storing, and delivery of chocolate is a challenge. Instead, have a local printer print some candy bags with the community cause on them. Order bulk candy online and save a lot of money. The candy is sent to you just in time. Local groups like scouts or clubs can stuff the candy bags and then the bags are ready to sell at your community event. The candy can be any mixture of dozens of popular and delicious candy. Everybody loves candy and the savings on the bulk candy will allow you a larger profit.

You can also order candy that is sugar-free, fat-free, gluten-free, kosher, allergy friendly, and nut-free. For specialty bags. Ask local vendors to buy the candy and give them out to their customers. Everywhere your candy bags go, reminds people of your need (and your Plumfund account).

Once you arrange your committees to oversee the various types of fundraising you have decided upon, get busy getting them the tools they need to succeed. At the end of the event, make sure you publicly thank all those who volunteered, participated, and gave to your cause. This can be in the printed newspaper, via mail, or email. But make sure you thank them on the social media sites you used as well.

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