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Monday, January 30, 2012

Flashback, May 2010

Pulled out of my journal…
Steve had to get the girls today at 2:00 because Kara wanted to see her daughter run in a track meet. I couldn’t take off so that left Steve.
Between 2:00 and when I came home at 5:00 Steve painted the girls toes and being a guy he doesn’t know how to do that well so there is hot pink polish on toes, skin and clothes and apparently he let them paint his toe…I hid the remover.
He also taught them how to blow spit bubbles.  DO you have any idea how disgusting that is!?  On command he can make the lip smacking muah sound and like clock work the girls start making the same sound and creating spit bubbles that they think is hysterical and then they try to pop them.
Spit bubbles are disgusting especially coming from a toddler since all that happens is nasty drooling.  Apparently he didn’t show this next thing to H but I have my doubts.  She can let spit slip out of her mouth and suck it back in before it falls.  YUCK again and again.  I’m not sure what else occurred in that small window but I’m sure it’s nothin’ good!

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