Peeing in the Tubby – DIS

L rushed to the bathroom to pee with H a few steps behind.  As I was helping L I looked over at H who was making her way into the tubby.

Me: What are you doing?

H: Since L is on the potty I’m going in the tubby

Me: WHAT?  EWW!!

Flashback walking in on Steve and the girls.  Horror as he was holding H over the tub because L was on the toilet.  She quickly reminded me that is what Daddy does.  Damn-it Steve!

Post was originally circa January 2012
after thought- some comments (on FB) I’ve been getting on this post made me realize I was NOT clear in my wording.  Steve DOES NOT pee in the tubby- he holds whatever girl doesn’t make it to the potty over the tubby when they both desperately need to go.

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