Photos That Make Us Smile

Kristin Staples Photography

It’s better than Christmas!

Knowing that any day you are going to open your inbox and there will be THE LINK; that link to all your gorgeous photos.


Again it’s better than Christmas!

Five years ago a dear friend called asking if I would be willing to let her friend take photos of the girls when they were born.; she was following her dream of becoming a photographer.

Who wouldn’t support someone’s dream (especially if you are the one benefiting)? *wink wink*

I wasn’t sure what to expect but when I received my photos I was in awe.  I was amazed at how much beauty she caught in those photos.

I thought she did a fabulous job back then but when I opened up my link after this session I almost passed out.

The photos are absolutely gorgeous!

Let me tell you a little about Kristin.

A few weeks ago the six of us piled in her studio and watched with amazement as she lulled the babies into a deep sleep and poses that had everyone gushing.  She has a Zen-like aura that turned all four of our kids into her little monkeys.

Making her clients feel at ease is as easy as breathing for her.  Her natural ability and passion shines with every click.  H and L couldn’t please her enough and still talk about how wonderful their experience was.

Well H keeps talking about her charming son and his turtle lair but that has nothing to do with this other than it was love at first sight for her.

When Kristin took photos of my big belly and then of H and L she gave me treasures that I never thought I wanted or needed.  Those photos hang throughout my home and never bring anything less than a smile to my face.

Twin photo

That was five years ago.  She is even more amazing now.  As my mother says, “she really has perfected this.”

She captured moments I forgot about.  She captured their innocence and beauty.  The heartache in trying to get pregnant and the joy in finally being a mother are all in those black and whites.

Those are moments I can’t capture in my camera.  They are moments I always want to remember.  Her photos brought tears to my eyes then and bring tears to my eyes now.

Do yourself a favor and capture those memories with a professional.  For 2014, when you book an appointment with Kristin you will receive a $50 credit when you mention this blog/write-up.  Trust me it is well worth it.

Follow Kristin on Facebook here and admire her work here.

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FrannyandLucy-008 FrannyandLucy-017 FrannyandLucy-007

There is NOTHING more beautiful to a mother than seeing her babies captured like this; truly breathtaking.

WHICH one is YOUR favorite????

Kristin is a natural light photographer specializing in maternity, newborn, child, senior and family portraiture serving the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

All the photos in this post are the work of Kristin Staples Photography – photos are not for use for any other purposes.  Please contact Kristin if you are interested in using any of these photos for any purpose.

This review was sponsored by Kristin Staples Photography; all opinions are my own.


7 thoughts on “Photos That Make Us Smile

  1. How does she DO IT??!!! How on earth??? Those are BREATHTAKING!!! Are those babies real? Seriously- I am just in awe over every one of these photos.

    Oh Kerry- what a gift you have been given through Kristen’s talent!


  2. When I first saw the black and whites of you and Steve, then babies L and H, I cried too. Now for the ones on this page, the squishy hats on the babies in the box is my favorite. Kisses!

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