Who doesn’t love a good slice of pizza?  Just because my baby girl is dairy-free doesn’t mean she should be banned from one of the world’s greatest food pleasures.

Here we custom made our pizzas.

  • My half is goat cheese, plum tomatoes, sliced black olives, basil, red onion while her side is pizza sauce and goat cheese.
  • We par baked Pillsbury Artisan Crust for about 10 minutes at 400
  • We thin piled our pizza high minus the basil and baked for another 10 minutes
  • About a minute before the pizza was cooked we sprinkled with the basil so it wouldn’t burn.
  • After it came out we drizzled honey on the crust

YUM YUM YUM!  I ate my half.  L added more honey and ate half of her half.


5 thoughts on “Pizza

  1. Great looking pizza, I love olives and ham on mine. Son is all about meat.
    my son is allergic to dairy, respiratory allergies. I do give him cheese now but he gets stuffy and has a runny nose and cough. I have to stay away from all other dairy. We love almond and rice milk though. What do you do for ice cream/yogurts? We usually do soy or coconut ice cream.

    • l narrowed it down to almond yogurt although she really doesn’t eat it much. We use almond mil (although I do like rice better) and we eat coconut vanilla ice cream. there are these yummy banana split ice cream sandwiches but she only likes the strawberry part so I eat the rest. The company used to make strawberry ice cream but stopped because of low demand.
      I take her to the store and let her pick out whatever non-dairy Popsicles she wants to help her feel better. Stinks when we are at parties or the ice cream truck comes around:(
      Here is a list of just a few substitutes.

      • thanks for link and info babe. I know summer is the worst when everyone plops out ice cream and we have to find popsicles, it’s rough. My digestive system can’t handle dairy, so I am glad we can understand each other, though I would give it up just for him.

        Yes I sometimes use that butter, never saw those chocolate chips or almond yogurt, will have to try that. We prefer coconut ice cream over the others.

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