Preparing Through Avoidance…It’s a Gift

Please forgive me dear readers, for it has been 11 days since my last blog post.

What? Why?

I’ll tell you in a vent or rant, whatever you want to call it, kind of way.

We don’t have a big home, not 6 people and 2 dogs big anyhow and trying to rearrange and make room and remember all the crap we need for two babies is exhausting to say the least!

I try and try to purge but it really seems like there is a need for all the belongings in this home.  We are getting rid of a few big items like a queen bed, a futon, an old recliner and I even tossed about 10 bags worth of “junk” and donated 7 bags of clothes and toys.

There is still so much more and as I sit here trying to organize it all, my mind keeps wandering to the day we move, one day, which isn’t too far away; maybe a year.  How will that ever happen if I can’t even prepare for newbies?

The girls will be here at Christmas time, what a wonderful gift I know, but that only leaves me with 4 months minus the four days I will be back at work starting September, to get this home straight!

UGH!!! *hair pulling*

Well now that I have all that complaining done I leave you with the photos below.  This is probably, maybe, a little bit, sort of what has been distracting us.

This is the last summer it is just me and my girls before it is me and my girls and my girls.  I need to enjoy it now right?  Right?

Capt Roo tubbing wake boarding paddling around Sunset swim Sunset Surf

Who would rather be preparing for some new babies instead of that?  Really? Guilt be gone!



6 thoughts on “Preparing Through Avoidance…It’s a Gift

  1. only four months to go…wow….time is flying by woman…yes I agree the best Christmas gift ever.

    My friend had a girl, after so many years of trying, three days before her bday, she said nothing could ever top that gift.

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