Quinoa Stir Fry

I might not be a good cook but I have good ideas and produce some yummy yum yum ingredients.  So this evening Steve made dinner; a healthy version of stir fry.

I don’t care for Chinese food, while he loves it but I could eat this dish over and over.

Our CSA bounty has included a helping of okra that was on the verge of going bad so we chopped up:


-squash (from MB’s garden-thanks)

-sugar snap peas

-red peppers


-green peppers

All fresh from the gardens and local farms.  A little oil and water created a perfect crunch!

Steve cooked up some white and red quinoa and topped it with the sauteed vegetables with a ginger dressing.


I really need to take pictures.

I think this dish was even easy enough for me to handle.  Being that it was a completely healthy meal and on Steve’s diet he could over-indulge without the nagging wife!

I did a little search for okra recipes and found a pecan encrusted okra and of course gumbo.  There were a few others that were a little too fatty to meet our needs so if you have a great recipe that involves okra give us a shout out!

Thanks and enjoy!


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