Rayanne; the Sweetest Pit….

It’s that time again to get on my soap box and hound the world to stop hatin’ on the pits.  My dear friend is fostering this wonderful pitty; Rayanne.  She is an over-bred 4 year old girl just looking for a home that she can relax in and not shake violently from fear.  She can’t be any sweeter with her bat wings for ears and her balding body (her hair is slowly coming back after losing most of it from stress and fear.)

I met this adorable girl a couple days ago as she lay snuggling the couch cushions next to a cat she had never met before.  I truly challenge the ignorant, over-breeding, a**hole who tossed her because she was aggressive.  This dog does not have an aggressive bone in her body.  If anything she is simply living for love.  Her belly shows the signs of neglect with nipples that are sore and enlarged, probably never to go down and she will never know the countless pupps she gave birth to.  God love those pups, only he knows where they are now.

I just want a home....

Please help educate the world on the sweetness these, and all, dogs endure.  Stop the abuse, stop the fighting, and stop the breeding.  Let’s find homes for all these homeless guys and gals before we bring another one into the world!

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