Reading with Balloons

Last summer I had the great idea to make summer an extension of school. We would do science projects, read, work on spelling and learn to cook!

Well, we did five science projects, read occasionally, cooked baked and played really cool spelling games….for a few days. Then the fun took over and the lazy days. We played and played then ate and slept then played some more and it was a FUN summer.

I don’t want to repeat that though. I would like to have the fun, fun, fun but continue with the learning as well.

One fun reading game we did was the balloon game. Since balloons are my favorite I thought this would be super fun! They loved it but I think the balloons I used were too big and it didn’t work quit right.

The idea is simple; make reading fun and interactive.

The balloon game:

  1. blow up about 50 balloons
  2. write a high frequency word on each
  3. toss the balloons all over the room
  4. give them each a flash card
  5. they must say the word then find it in the mess before they get another card

They LOVED this. The key is to use the little water balloons.

I hope to try this again.

Reading with balloons Reading with balloons Reading with balloons Reading with balloonsIf you have any fun games to share let us know!

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