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A morning cup of coffee and an apple fritter…is what cousin Kerri said, now that Grandma has left us to be reunited with her true love once again.


The first time I met Steve’s grandparents was at his sister’s wedding about 17 or so years ago.  We had not been dating long when he asked me to be his date.

Sure, weddings are fun….unless they’re dry or you’re only one of five drinking and that included Steve.  We had a great time and I got to meet all of his family.  They seemed normal enough.

I sat next to his Grandma at the church and she grabbed my hand and held it.  I’m a little uncomfortable with touchy-touchy when I don’t really know someone especially old people; I never had much experience with them.

Her hands were super soft, she was so stinking cute and she was just gazing at me smiling.  Add that to the hand holding and I began sweating.  THEN she started patting my thigh and with a childish giggle she said, “When are you going to marry my Steven?”

Holy moly I wish I had running shoes on so I could have sprinted out of that place!

Eventually Steve broke me down (kidding) and we got married in what I like to call the party of the year.  That time I was one of 200 that were drinking!

We were lucky to have been able to visit both his grandparents a few times over the years however neither ever got to meet our kids.  That I will always regret.

Grandpa T died about 7 years ago and Grandma T just passed away about a month ago.

Luckily Steve got to spend 4 days with her last summer by himself and they both really enjoyed their time together.


A few weeks ago we took the long road trip to Chicago, 13 hours, and enjoyed a nice weekend with our Chicago family.  We also got to cross road trip off our bucket list; not the way we envisioned but…

The memorial service was nice and the preacher’s words were wonderful.  On our last day we took a much shorter road trip up to Lac La Belle to spread the ashes of both grandparents on the grounds where they married and raised their family.

It was a great day.  The weather was perfect, the family happy and nostalgic, and we even took a boat ride thanks to the gracious neighbor.  Roger’s family lived next to Steve’s grandparents growing up and he eventually took over the home once his own parents passed.

Steve spent the day smiling as our girls played in the lake, ran in the yard, gathered shells along the same water’s edge that he did as a boy.

His mid-west family is absolutely amazing.  They always open arms wide open for us and treat us so kindly even though we don’t see them often.

We can’t wait to visit again.  In the mean time we know Grandma and Grandpa are together again, finally, and happy as can be looking down at the wonderful impact they made on so many people.

Here are a few photos from that special day.

kids jumping in lake Daddy and Daughter in lake girl hangin out of boat girls throwing ball into lake for dog to retrieve girls laying on dock

I would love to end this post by saying be happy, love those around you endlessly and be grateful for all you have.  Realistically let’s TRY our best to do those things.  Even when we are mad and want to strangle everyone, or cry because the fridge is busted, the sink is leaking and the car has a flat; I know that you, like me, DO know and show that love and happiness that we are blessed with.


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  1. it sucks that great trips like those have to happen when someone passes away or only for very special occasions. but that’s the way it works and it’s better than nothing, right?

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