Rustic Backyard Conversion

At the very back of our yard is a beautiful wooded area that at one time was cleared out and we had a dart-board and fire pit for late night parties.  After the girls came along those late night in the woods parties stopped and the area became a trash heap.  There was an old grill that we never threw away because some birds nested there, an old swing set a neighbor gave us but the wood was too rotted to use, a slide, wood left over from the fence, a board walk that used to be in my garden, a trough that housed 2 turtles we used to have and lots of other odds and ends.  Steve had hung an old wooded swing we made many years ago on a small tree which is now too weak to hold the kids.  With all this beautiful weather we were inspired to clean it up!  The girls now have a section with 2 tire swings, the wood swing is hung from a very high tree branch and the area is once again clean with a small fire  pit so we can once again enjoy the back yard and the stream when its full.

countless attempts at reaching the right spot

yuck, look at all that junk!

And the beautiful after shots!  The girls laughter is so infectious when they are on this swing.  They are amazing because in mid swing they can go from sitting to standing without a single issue.  Once they got over excited and started acting like monkeys and L slipped off.  Her entire body was hanging off but her arms were tight around the rope and H had one hand on her.  We caught her before any damage happened but their agility is remarkable, at least I think it is, I’m not sure what other freshly new 3 year old are doing.

what do we go on first!

this picture makes me dizzy

they really get flying high on this swing and they love it and so do we

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