Say Hello to Dre

I should be sitting here with my tea writing about some giveaways and reviews I have but these damn kids keep getting in the way.  They constantly want to be fed or changed or read to.  Shesh, get a life already!

But honestly you make time for the priorities and writing just hasn’t been one lately until today.

I can’t believe that I’m sitting down with tears in my eyes thinking back on memories with my buddy Sean.  He was Andreas’s best friend and one of the nicest men I knew; one of the happiest in fact!  Always smiling, always kind, always fun, at least that is the side I knew.

I got a call from my best friend this morning telling me he passed away.  I didn’t believe it and I went about my busy day ignoring it all until tonight when I laid my babies down to bed.

I just started crying for his sweet wife, adorable son and soon to be child.

I watched as the girls rocked peacefully in their swings.  I listened to their sweet breaths.  I prayed I never have to tell them about their Daddy; that they get to know him themselves.

My memories of Sean all involve drinking but that’s usually because I only got to see him during special events; weddings, fundraisers, happy hour and the like (yes, happy hour is a special event).

Once a summer I would hear the loudest drunk bellow from an annoying drunk man shout, “TROUBLE” and I would turn around to see him swaying at the bar with his glasses half way off his face and a crooked, shit-eating grin.

People would stare as he hugged me, not because he was hugging me but because it was usually only noon and he was hammered; a Dewey Beach Special.

But my favorite drunk Sean moment was a super fun Todd show at the 9:30 Club with the usual suspects; Bu, Holly, Robby and myself.  Sean was slip-slopping drunk and threw his shoes at us and I tossed them in the trash can.  The best part was the bouncer wouldn’t let him go back into the club to fetch them out so he was wondering DC barefoot.  HAHA IDIOT!

In his honor Holly decided to throw shoes at her kids all day so I joined her.

Writing this felt good.  It felt good to laugh at the memories I had with Sean instead of the emptiness Herndon will hold now that he is gone.

The good news is he is in Heaven with Dre and the two of them are having a blast.

You boys are great and are missed deeply.  Rest peacefully knowing your families are loved and your face will never disappear from every heart you’ve known.







3 thoughts on “Say Hello to Dre

  1. It is painful when somebody passes away unexpectedly and even when we know that it’s coming. A friend passed away a couple of years ago and I wasn’t even able to go to the funeral because of the distance and work. Most of my memories of him almost always involved drinking too! When our group gathers around (which happens very rarely now) our first drink always goes to him.
    Prayers to the family.

  2. I know what it is to lose a loved one, family, and friend. Nothing or no one can make a difference. It is always one day at a time. I am glad that you chose to write about your happy memories. Because that is what life is eventually about. Our good times.

    I pray for strength for his family and I also wish for blessings, now that they have an angel overlooking their needs.

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