Should THIS Much Happen in ONE Day?

I woke up to the relentless noise of H’s incessant nagging of helping her find her scissors.  I was too tired to get up but couldn’t fall back to sleep because L never bothered to ask for hers.  Low and behold it was because she pulled the stool up to the shelves in the kitchen and got hers down.

This normally wouldn’t have bothered me but they were trimming their teddy bears.  Apparently they are too fluffy; who’s ever heard of such a thing.

After rubbing my eyes and ignoring that chaos, I woke Steve with a piping hot cup of coffee with the season’s best peppermint mocha creamer!  I needed to get some work done so I had to entice him with some sweet aroma.

Now that my entire office is no longer in its own cozy room but squished behind the couch to one pathetic desk it’s difficult to concentrate so I needed to work fast; like fast before they headed downstairs and Steve out to run some errands.

I knocked out a huge slice of work quickly; some things just go so smoothly it’s scary; then yahoo.  Yahoo. Yahoo. Yahoo. Oh how I hate you!  There are always glitches with that stupid system.  So a menial task suddenly took hours.  I told Steve he didn’t have to wait until I was done because at that point I thought it was easy sailing. Oh how wrong I was.

The anger just pulsed through my veins at this nonsense, I stepped away to calm down only to hear a loud crash.  The girls, apparently, were wrestling on the bench in the dining room when they lost their footing and fell into a huge plant and stand-up lamp.  The results? No injuries except to my wall.

Amazingly I didn’t yell; amazing!   As I went back to the drawing board, hoping Yahoo would correct its nasty self, L comes running from the bathroom wet.

L: H just filled a baggy with water and it exploded.

What that translates to is an experimental H filled a zip-lock baggie with water, not zipping all the way and squeezing it.  Do you have any idea how much water a sandwich sized zip-lock holds?

Still no yelling.

I texted Steve to come home because I could feel my temperature rising.  It wasn’t their fault.  It was like Lord of the Flies in here with absolutely no supervision, I was solely concentrating on completing my work.

Five minutes later Steve was home and the girls were helping him unload the car.  I heard him start to yell.  Oh lord what now.  They spilled the 50 lb bag of dog food.   I’m not sure what is going on with Steve and I today but he calmed down quickly and told them he knew they were just trying to help but they needed to clean it up.

This was followed by a missing salt and pepper shaker.  The only way we noticed was because H was hiding under the dining room table eating it.  I should mention we found candy wrappers hidden behind the chair cushions as well.

It is now only 12:30 in the afternoon.  I was done with the chaos so went to shower for my pedicure date with my gal K.T.   This was a task all in its own, the not being able to see nor reach most of your legs part.  I’ll spare you the sexy details.

In the meantime the high-light of my day was teaming up with the brilliant photographer, Kristin Staples when the new littles are born!  I can’t even explain the excitement of that.  She photographed the girls when they were born, which were gorgeous shots, but she has developed immensely since then.  Stay tuned for that.

Anyway after a lovely pedicure and delicious veggie pizza I headed back to the mad house.  The evening was pretty uneventful thank God because I was feeling very nauseous.

The girls and I cleaned out some of their clothes which again reinforced just how different the girls are.  We got rid of a big bag of tops which left L with still way too many and H a drawer that was almost empty.

One dresser was enough so we moved onto the playroom where I freaked because the white blanket on the couch was black with dirt.  I immediately thought the dogs rolled around in mud then cleaned off and got snuggly right there.  However upon closer inspection it was hair!  Remember earlier when I mentioned cutting their teddy bears.  Erg!

I had enough and told them to get ready for bed.  Aside of H falling off the stool they were happy to be done with such a long day of madness.

Just when I thought we were in the clear H starts yelling.

H: Daddy I need my big pillow

Steve: where is it

H: in the laundry room

Steve: why?

H: Mommy had to clean it

Steve looked at me to confirm this story.

Me: Crap.  Yep, it sure is in the laundry room and no, I didn’t clean it but it isn’t dirty

Steve: what happened?

Me: L sat on it naked to annoy H and I totally forgot THAT was why I woke up this morning

Let this be my last lesson in trying to sleep in or work at home, trusting that they will behave.

I need a few of these….beer holder

….beers not boots….


2 thoughts on “Should THIS Much Happen in ONE Day?

  1. Have a comment from England instead.

    Sounds like a completely manic day and you did so, SO well not to yell. I’m very impressed. I hope that the crazy calms down for tomorrow, and that you manage to kick your technology into behaving for you.

    Glad that Steve was supportive though – that helps a lot.

    The meeting with the photographer sounds really exciting 🙂

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