Shreking Out

Have you ever felt like you are suddenly being pulled in 800 directions to the point that you can’t think straight?

To the point where you want to SCREAM? Maybe even punch and throw stuff? An adult temper tantrum if you will.

We are lucky, so far we don’t have big temper tantrum throwing kids. But the times they have throw them annoys me to no end. I try so hard to ignore them and walk away as is advised over and over.

But sometimes I just can’t and I wonder “where the hell did  you learn to do that?” Then in the next moment I find myself begging for order not only from my kids but from life and suddenly I AM THE ONE throwing the massive temper tantrum.

Parenting is hard.

It is so hard that when I saw Shrek I finally understood this new level of parenting temper tantrums that I was experiencing! Yes, the cartoon Shrek.

Life gets so crazy, with work, bills, family, and especially with lots of kids that suddenly you find yourself screaming to be heard! Or simply yelling out of frustration when you “Shrek” out.

I had to pull this clip so you know what I’m talking about. I think every parent and even non-parents can relate to this.

YouTube Preview Image

I feel this way often these days.

Sometimes I just have to Shrek-out and move on. YOU?

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