Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up

written January 1, 2012
I wanted to incorporate stories about my lovely third child, Steve AKA my husband but didn’t want it to take over my new2two so I created this blog, Damn-it Steve!
I really wanted to name this blog “shut up shut up shut up” because of a funny story but it was taken.  It then dawned on me that my favorite phrase is probably “Damn it Steve!”
Anywho, I came home from running errands one day, about a year or so ago, the girls were only 2 and he told me he knows what I do when we get off the phone with each other.
I said, innocently but nervous, “what?”  He then proceeded to tell me that L was pretending to be on the phone with him and when she said good bye she closed the phone (it was one of our old flip phones she uses) and slammed it on the table repeatedly saying just as fast “shut up shut up shut up!”
Hmmm I guess he’s right, I should be more cautious.  That was a year ago and nothing has changed.  They are 3 now and really repeating things.  Ugh New years resolution: Watch MY Mouth!

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