Stuffed Peppers

Ok Ok I posted the other day about the hell I bring on the kitchen when I try to cook but tonight was a success.


I plucked some green peppers and one lonely red pepper off the vines and opened the fridge; what goodies await me?  A bunch of good stuff and okra and a lonely yellow pepper.


Before I go on, my home grown peppers blew away the yellow store bought.  Mine were think and crisp while the store bought had very thin “meat” on it.


While the quinoa cooked I diced up some tomatoes, onion, portabella and okra.  I’m getting better, it only took my about 12 minutes to cut it all up.


After the quinoa was ready I mixed up the ingredients and stuffed those peppers.


On 400 for about 30 minutes, topped with a little mozzarella and tomato sauce and a success was made!


Maybe I can get a hang of this whole cooking thing.






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