Suck it January – TToT

Yes, that is a rather vulgar title but January really couldn’t get any worse.  I’m going to list the crap that happened then move on to ten reasons I’m Thankful that February is here!

So after the cruel way the year ended but thankfully with healthy gals we entered the year a little like this.  (Sorry if we are friends on Facebook and you have to re-live).

  1. Our heat pump went up during a snow storm with negative temperatures for FOUR days. Luckily we have a wood burning fireplace
  2. Our well/pipes froze or did something crazy and the water was coming out like blood in a B-rated movie
  3. Steve’s tooth was KILLING him so he went to a new dentist and an endocrinologist who BOTH confirmed that his root canal with our current dentist was a botched job thus resulting in decaying causing damage to both teeth on either side of the crowned tooth.  NOW he needs to have THREE root canals and we all know how much dental insurance covers
  4. Our beloved dog was initially diagnosed with epilepsy but we feel we are now looking at a brain tumor.  She initially had only a seizure every few days and lately she has up to five a day
  5. Our credit card was stolen but luckily Discover caught it and reimbursed us
  6. The babies are displaying colick….at the same time in the evening.  It’s not horrible but it certainly isn’t desirable
  7. School has been closed more than it has been open due to the storms but the tuition hasn’t stopped

That should do it other than little things that are not a big deal but with all this going on they seem huge!

I LOVE February.  Some of my favorite people were born in this month not to mention VALENTINES DAY!  Not because I love to shower my husband with love but I love to shower all my girls and friends with love.  I’m probably the only person that loves this Hallmark, money making, made-up holiday!


And now on to all the goodie LOVE that February brings!

  1. Steve’s birthday (hubby wubs)
  2. Holly’s birthday (mister sister)
  3. Sam’s birthday (wonderful nephew)
  4. Fufi’s birthday (bestie gal pal)
  5. Aunt Terry’s birthday (newbies honorary Godmother)
  6. Holly and her family are visiting for a weekend
  7. All the girls and I are going to Aunt Fufi’s house
  8. Valentine’s Day
  9. Officially healed (can attempt to start working out in the gym and the bedroom- heeeey)
  10. Poopy January is over

As always there are so many things we are thankful for but every once in a while you just need to feel sorry for yourself.  I did that last week to my poor Mother who just sat and listened.  I cried and then felt a million times better.

upside down Brooksie pooh

(This photo has nothing to do with this section of the post but it’s my Godson who is coming to visit and his cuteness makes everyone smile!)  Now back to the post.

Why don’t I just cry and get it over with instead of trying to be tough?  We’ve all been there I’m sure.

I hope February brings LOTS of goodie goodness for everyone.

My February goal? Every time I get annoyed I’m going to turn on the love.  Take the challenge with me!  It will make for a wonderful month I promise.



Ten Things of Thankful

8 thoughts on “Suck it January – TToT

  1. Owwwww I know you’ve had SO much going on, so I’m really pleased that February’s looking like a really good month for you. Hope it goes swimmingly and you have a gorgeous, awesome time 🙂

  2. Looking forward to a fabulous February.
    The same thing happened to me with a bad root canal except the darn tooth fell out right before Christmas. I started singing All I want for Christmas is my one front tooth. The one that is beside the one that fell out isn’t looking too good these days, but no dental coverage 🙁 Oh well C’est La Vie.

  3. You had me at the title. I’m pretty thrilled January is over too. Although yours sounds like it threw a bit more at you. Sorry to hear it and may it be behind you!

    So much for you to look forward to in February! Over here, I’m also pretty excited about Family Day on Feb. 17. Do you guys do that? Schools close and I take the day off work to spend with the kids.

    As for Valentines – I have to figure out how that works now that I have one in school. The neverending learning curve of parenting, right?

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