Summer Bucket List Challenge

Erg  I wrote an awesome list of 22 items and then lost it!  This list is pretty similar, I think, but I’m sure as soon as I post it I will remember a few fabulous ideas!

Our family has joined The Happy Family Movement’s Blog for their 2013 Summer Bucket List Challenge.  It started last Monday and due to this sleepy head I neglected to post about it until now.  In fact I haven’t posted anything in a week-loser! The good thing is we were able to knock one thing off this holiday weekend.

This list was difficult because we are an active family so Steve and I tried to come up with a list of stuff we have not done as a family or the girls haven’t done at all.

I am super excited about this!!!  We all are excited since it was a collaborative effort to create.

So here we go!  Our summer bucket list challenge!  Join if you dare:)

  1. Go camping
  2. Ride bikes without training wheels
  3. Make dairy free doughnuts
  4. Teach the girls to boogie board
  5. Ride the Ferris wheel- the big one on the board walk
  6. Make and fly a kite
  7. Take girls kayaking/canoeing
  8. Watch a show at Freeman Stage
  9. Take a family road trip
  10. Stay for an entire baseball game
  11. Catch fireflies
  12. Get the girls involved with clamming
  13. Go to an ice cream parlor that has dairy free ice-cream
  14. Take the girls jet skiing
  15. Go fishing for reel (see what I did there?)
  16. Visit GG
  17. Build a fire and make s’mores
  18. Volunteer at one of the Humane Society Events
  19. Early morning bike ride on the board walk
  20. Picnic and hiking at Pemberton

As I mentioned we knocked off good ol’ boogie boarding.  I was shocked at how easy the girls got the hang of it but then again their cousins take them “surfing” all the time.

20130527_114237 20130527_134020 20130527_134107(0)


And one last bonus photo; little L being brave and touching the, very alive, horseshoe crab.  This is going to be a great summer!



8 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List Challenge

  1. That’s a CRAB?! It looks more like a sting-ray or something. Fun list!! We did one last year and finished almost everything on it. We’re not quite so organized this year. 😀

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