Turning Three

I have had a blast decorating for the girls birthday, esp the first as it was the most exciting.  We had a big blow out and I filled their playroom with about 250 balloons.  Year 2 we had a small gathering and I only put up colored lights and this year, year 3, we put up a cardboard color house with balloons coming out of the chimney like in the kids movie “up.”

This year has been very emotional as they are no longer little girls.  When I look at them I see nothing babish anymore.  They are potty trained, they speak in full (almost) clear sentences, play together and fight, ride scooters, eat/drink neatly, and they go to “pre-school” two full days a week where they are learning so much more than I ever did at that age.   I can’t wait to see what this year brings.  When I look back at photos and compare the notes I’ve taken it’s amazing how quickly they grow, learn, change and form into the little ladies they want to be.  H is obsessed with ALL things orange while L loves pretty pink.   Anyway I can’t write much more on this topic so I’ll just end this with a photo from each birthday surprise.  Although they won’t remember I will never forget their face when they peer into their playroom for the first time and see their birthday surprise!

biggest eyes I've ever seen when they woke up from naptime

a tent and tunnel filled with balls (year 2)

A tent and tunnell filled with balls (year 2)

birthday surprise 3 imitading "UP." Best $20 ever spent

side note- their birthday was Dec 22 but with all the chaos I am just posing this article.