What is THIS?

I have a cute little garden on the side of my deck that Steve fenced off for me so it is my private space; no kids, no dogs.  I have beautiful bushes that all bloom at different times so I have flowers on my table.

I have the rose bushes the girls give me each year for Mother’s Day, a rescue Dog Wood that is gorgeous now, and among other things is my butterfly bush.

I love the amounts of butterflies and bees I see on there daily.  We’ve even seen hummingbirds but those suckas are too quick for me to get pictures of but I will one of these days.

Yesterday we thought we had a hummingbird spotting but it turns out I have no clue what this thing is.

It had a bumble bee fuzzy body, wings of a busted up butterfly and the nectar sucker  and twitchy fast movement of a hummingbird.

Does anyone know what this crazy (creepy) looking thing is?